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Jan 6, 2006
Lets get it rolling 2006. I havnt been this excited since when we signed the rocket in like 98, im so pumped for this season, i think we have a small chance of the al east but we should get the wild card. I think glaus is going to be huge for us and aj will be solid, ryan gives us a closer finally. It sucks that the O-Dog got traded though ahhh oh well. I also heard jays are close to singing pizzaza to play dh!!! Oh i cant wait for season with the skydome RRRRRR i mean rogers centre packed regualarly 40 +!
Im Retarted if that matters...
yah, it definitely will be an exciting year. Like you, I have not been as excited since signing Roger Clemens. Although I am still a lil' iffy on the ryan signing. I'm not really sure if he's qualified enough to scare the opponents when he attempts to close the game.

But when you have a dilemma on how to fill the lineup with what players, it's always a good thing. Especially when they're all quality players. Mark my word, Vernon Wells will be the franchise player for many more years to come.
i havent stayed on top of baseball in a while... i love it though :D
I'm really excited about Troy Glaus. Not too happy about signing a closer for around $10 mil though. However, Glaus and Wells will give the Jays a good combo of third and fourth hitters. Doc will definitely continue where he left off from an unfortunate season.
Canada will win the 2006 gold medal in men's hockey, that's my word.
I got my ticket renewal package and I don't want to go to as many games this year, so if someone wants to split some games, I'd be cool with that.

I usually get 1st or 3rd base seats, and rows 3 or so.
damn ticket prices are gonna go up. last season they gave away 500 level tickets away almost every game...
I cant wait for this season to start.

I'm going to try to go to atleast 5 games this season and not spend more than $40 total on my 5 tickets.

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Yeeeah grinding it as a fan over the years is finally paying off! Nice to see extra the money being spent this offseason. Goo Jaays! I think i'll plan that toronto trip for october! :wink:
They're loading up the roster, but I still feel BJ Ryan is way overpaid. We could have received a quality closer such as Wagner (although I know he had no interest in coming here). We could have picked up someone else.

Nonetheless, I'm very excited about the season, especially the batting lineup. Man.. talk about firepower.
AL east prediction:

1. NY 92 - 70
2. Sox 90 - 72
3. Jays 88 - 74
4. who cares
5. who cares
^ I think iNiNe5's predictions are a bit conservative. my prediction is that the sox and jays switched places, and jays will have a showdown with the A's in a playoff game to get through in the wildcard position. 99-65 is a lil' too optimistic. We don't have a 3rd of 4th man in the rotation that is consistent enough for that.
We have better pitching than the Yanks and Boston.

Lilly was a good pitcher with Oakland, I think he'll do well this season for us.

If Halladay can get 20 wins and Burnett and Lilly get 15 wins and Chacin and Towers get 12 wins each, we will be in very good shape.

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we're just gonna be a solid team hands down, if everyone can stay healthy we'll be right in the thick of things.
Plaid Unit : The Fad of tomorrow here today.
everyone just has to gel together and we're good. there are a lot of new players so hopefully they don't have a problem getting used to each other

i miss o-dog tho...ya feel me?!!?
Right now the Jays are 10-18 in spring training. They better step their game up during the actual season.
everyone check out
Spring training doesnt count. The White Sox had the worst spring training record.

I remember back in the day when we'd win 25 games in spring training and end up with a 70 win season. Spring training doesnt mean jack.

Anyone going to the season opener?

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im so pumped for tomorw.. waht channel is it on again sportsnet or tsn
Im Retarted if that matters...
My dad is a big fan so i hope they do good

he still have a case of the blue jay edition coke cans from when they won the world series

and they are completely DS


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