Traction: Zoom BB vs. Zoom Turbine

Aug 21, 2007
Simple question. I've heard great things about the BBs but is the traction comparable to the almighty Zoom Turbines?
Im still waiting to test my zoom bb's but I love the traction on the zoom turbines.I should have my review for the zoom bb's up before the end of the month..sorry ive been a little short on funds.
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from what i heard before, zoom turbines die down really fast, so unless you're gonna buy a pair really often, traction on the BBs should be better
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^Maybe on outdoor courts, but if you play in either BB's or Turbines outdoors it doesn't look like either one would last you long.

I only use my Turbines for indoor ball and the outsole is fine. They are a softer rubber though, so they will wear down faster than other typical shoes.
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