Tshirt making?

Jan 5, 2006
Ive been interested in making my own tshirts but i was curious what you guys are using to make your shirts. Ive mainly been looking at screen printing but what are my other options? and if you do screen print did you invest in your own machine? go through someone else? or just use homemade tools?
i know someone who does ti using a custom made stencil that he makes through a process. he then uses a special kind of fabric paint to put the design on each shirt. its a tedious process but the outcome is very well worth it. he can put the same design on any color shirt with any color paint....over and over and over again. i must have 4 or 5 of the same shirt in different colors. the best part is....i can wash them over and over again without losing the color of the design......the color of the shirt fades eventually after a few washes...but if u use a high quality shirt then that should be a problem. i wish i could help with more specifics but i never ask too many questions.
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