Tucson, AZ

Jan 15, 2006
I will be in Tucson for 6 weeks starting Jan 7 and I need to know everything. Whats the weather like, hot sneaker spots, the women, where to go for fun. Give me the ins and outs of Tucson.
Wow really a terrible athletic program? Who won that last football 2 games?And did they go to a bowl game? I'm pretty sure they didn't Arizona is good at basketball and thats it. Congrats! Give us another year or 2 and Herb will be leading us to victory. The reason ASU people take so long to graduate is because their is actually stuff to do unlike that other place in Tucson.
Let me give you the skinny on Tucson. Basically it is a college town with not too much to do.

Shoe spots - You have your basic, Footlockers / Champs / Shiekh / Finish Line in the two main local malls "The Tucson Mall, on the north side of town. And the "Park Place Mall" on the eastside of town.

Sports - Tucson has no pro sports teams (obviously) but you are right in the middle of U of A Basketball season which is HUGE down here, tickets for the general public are kinda hard to come by so if you want to check out a game (We have #1 North Carolina coming to Tucson on Jan 27th.

Women - Honestly the best spot to find women is the U of A campus, I'm a student and you see a lot of hot girls at just about every turn. Also, try the bars located on 4th Avenue they are right by the college and that is where all the
girls usually hang out at.

Weather is not bad at all for the weeks you will be here.

So there you go; hopefully that helps a little.
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