UNDFTD warehouse sale!!!!!!!

Sep 1, 2002
Warehouse sale!!! 50% off all items (kicks and gear)..
Every fri. sat. and sun.
Starts on fri. aug. 3rd for 1 month only.
located at 144 North la brea.

this is the first time undftd gear is getting marked down so don't sleep!

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^ This is def not the first time.

At the sale they use to have at the temp Union like a year ago they had alot of UNDFTD stuff
You got one thats cool, nowadays everybody got two.
Dom Kennedy
!! A YOU !!
!! NIKE IN 06 !!
^^^ I hope not, I plan on appearing on friday (when I get off of work)
We're Feeling Lucky.​
^^^I'm with you...NT is a love/hate relationship sometimes. I hope NT herbs dont go out and camp for an ongoing sale.
i just drove by and theres already a line. i saw about 4 hypebeast wearing tight pants and sbs posted up with chairs and tents..all of them were asian which doesn't surprise me..
cot damn a month long warehouse sale???? they having trouble getting rid of stuff?
Lookin' for Grapes, Supreme Blazers, DQM AM90s, and Any Patent Forces in an 10.5-11. I'd prefer a SoCal meetup.
Also looking for an XL Dead Serious hoody in black.
I'll be over there on Saturday, any word on if they restock the sale items each day, or is saturday left overs from friday?
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Chuckie: I got the stupid juice, I bust the stupid moves.

Fresh Tees, Nikes, Reeboks, etc.
were their seriously kids lining up on wednesday night for a month long sale that begins friday!?!?! or was that a joke...
everything? why would they do this and release this during the 50%off everything sale???

T R A N S F O R M E R S​
wat time is this gonna start on friday im hoping to maybe drop by haha
LPC = SDtechnique_NT (10933)
thanks BetoLZ im hoping to be there a bit early ill probably try and make it when it opens
LPC = SDtechnique_NT (10933)
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