Update 3: Home now! Looking like that time where I leave this earth


sitting here cryin 
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weird how his account says last time online was January 21 2014??
Remember this thread as well and homie being in the TAN thread

Grave dig was necessary R.I.P. Homie
RIP brother. He's walking through the clouds somewhere, breaking our necks as we look up.. Hope he's found home.

beezylocks, just letting you know that I am on a life mission to help as many people as possible that are suffering from leukemia/lymphoma. I recently went on a San Jose TV station to advocate for a little girl who is suffering from a similar condition. Thanks for whoever bumped this, it reminded me.
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Man i still tear up thinking about you

Wish to meet you one day in the afterlife

I swear ima give u a big *** hug
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