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hey yall, I'm planning to get some white and black v necks but I wasn't sure what brand sells cheap but good quality v necks. I tried going to H&M but their v necks are pretty expensive. Any suggestions with any good brand with v necks are appreciated. thanks
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Depends on how much you're trying to spend, I cop the Polo joints @ $32 for a pack of 3...which is on the high side.
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i tried to rock a v-neck but after i tried one on i realized my neck is too fat and need to lose some weight
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Macy's has some for 9.95 each for some pretty nice V-Necks and a bunch of different colors that's pretty cheap imo

big j 33

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I just bought some Hanes v-necks, nothing special and were pretty cheap.

Quality was as expected for the price, I only wear them as undershirts though so if they get dingy I don't really care.
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UNIQLO has some nice ones for cheap.

If you don't have access to one, Banana Republic has some cool ones too.
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Originally Posted by toast1985

Depends on how much you're trying to spend, I cop the Polo joints @ $32 for a pack of 3...which is on the high side.
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steer away from gap vnecks -_-
i bought too many, they're super boxy and loose
i only wear them on my lazy days with swets

the ones i wear casually and to go out are the urban "BDG" ones
perfect ones for summer, fairly thin though.
going to try me some meronas from target
and maybe some from BR, heard they're pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Jerome in the House

I'm not in good enough shape to even know about V necks.
I thought v-necks give a slimming effect. I read that in some magazine (Esquire maybe) a year or two ago.

I wear regular shirts, but may try the v-necks this summer.
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