Vacaville Outlet report? Anybody?

Oct 9, 2005
Im heading to Vacaville in about a week, any one know if they have any good stuff?

AF25? LB4? any good stuff like that?

Posibble BB360s? BB180s?
go ask in the nike retro page.
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Yup Nike retro forum next time homie. Last time I was there (2-3 weeks ago) I saw the lbj iv in the all black colorway. white and black xxii. scattered prestos on the back wall, some vick forces in sizes 11.5+.. hope that helps.
1. This post belongs here...

2. If you are going in a week why are you asking for info now?? The inventory will be completely different in a week. If you've ever been in a Nike Factory store you should know that by vultures that pick through everything. The store changes day to day, you should ask the day before you go...
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