VC3 Wht/Rd and Wht/Rd/Blk pics

Nov 23, 2000
the guy who has the white/navy ultraposites on ebay has white red vc3 and a black red now. he also has white/black/silver vc2. somebody said the ultraposites were real but after seeing the rest of his auctions i think they fake







Don't see people liking the VC3 Boot much...I mean, if the AJ6 Boot didn't sell, why does Nike think that making a boot out of the VC3 will help it sell?

Those Ultraposite's on the other hand are AMAZING!

Let me guess...You rock AF1's, a NBA jersey with the tags hanging out the back and a matching pinwheel with the all the tags still on the hat?
I think the VC3 is gonna be awesome in terms of its performance,..............

I don't care about the VC2 cuz of it's average ankle support, so-so traction, and rock hard cushioning.
But I will probably get a pair of the VCIII.............
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The ultraposite's and the vc3's are hot :pimp:
are the vc2's coming out in a white and silver colorway?
Only one comment on the white/blue Ultraposites BG. Show the shoes some love. As a matter of a fact just make a post about who's getting those 'cause I am.
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@ white/ red vc3
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I don't know how but nike is going to get even better wit Kobe, VC, Bron, Carmelo, Darko, and resigning Yao they will be have the best high line apparel since KG rocked the FPs.
Yo soy futureclipper

Yes that's me in tha pic.
I think they are fake!! look at the shox that are on the VC2. the real VC2 shox do not look that way. look at the back section. Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what part of the vc white/silver is fake? mines are real and they pretty much look like that....
yea tarheel thats wat i said. they look fake to me, but they do look hot. theyre on ebay right now, not mine.
one of the guys above said they should call them the LBJs...

sounds like a french oral sex reference.
those ultras are sick :wow:

them VC's is nasty
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kday posted the bg posites before. does anyone still have the pic?

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Verrry nice.
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