VI+ olympic 2008 ... second look

Joined Jul 21, 2005
hahaha, they gotta be kidding with that toebox!! haha.. wow, this is just terrible. way to drop the pass once again JB. The Olympics only come around every 4years so naturally one would think they could get it together if for nothing else, this release. But, nope. we get this - scratch that, they put out thisinstead.
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thanks for the pics
but for me...
ehhh probably a game time decision before i decide to cop or not
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WHAT DID THE DO TO MY 6's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW ... When I see this I think to myself. " WHY , whats the point of all this ? Why whould they do all that to such a shoe ??? "
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i am getting three pairs one for the wife and two for myself these are wet and everyone that is hating on these sould stop giving the shoe and the idea of theolympic rings such a bad rap
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OMG these are the best pair of Retro's coming out this year! They is hot FIRE!

HAHAHa na JK what in the world were they thinking in doing these...they look like some damn skittles inspire shoe instead of olympics!..oh well though.ha
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hmmm....interesting...might change my mind after seein these pics...aint that bad...but that patent leather in the back is weird
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I really thought they were nice until I scrolled down and saw the patent leather and that atrocious addition to the front. What in the world were theythinking?
Who's making these dumb decisions?
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Terrible in all aspects, little homage has been paid, etc. I however need a hightop older Jordan to wear for my camp counselor job and those may do, thatdesign on the front is awful. These are slated for 6/7?
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Originally Posted by SHERLOCK FOAMS

I want to buy them because they're a VI... But the Carmine retro trumps the hell out of these
^ I bought those 180s...then sold them asap. Patent is very tacky, very very very hard to pull off.
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The VI lends itself to many possible colorways... it's just a pity that they decided to use them all at once.
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COME ON!!!!!! How about this JB!! Keep these dookie kicks and give us some all wht and burgndy or some wht and royal blue ooooor how bout some infareds!!!!!!!PLease!!!!!!!!
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