VIDEO: Jay Electronica Lecture (Interview) at Red Bull Music Academy (78 minutes)

Joined Mar 1, 2007
such a humble a way i find it mad cool that he stutters and and is nervous through his interviews

its like a transformation when he jumps on the mic...pretty dope
Joined Nov 29, 2004
Dope interview.

He couldn't stay focused on giving a straight forward answer to any of the questions... haha
Joined Sep 1, 2003
Wow are you guys serious? Shhh was mad b-b-b-boring and h-h-h-hard to follow what he's saying at times. But he is humble and intelligent. It's actually a strange scenario to see him struggle to say a sentence without repeating the word or phrase four or five times, but then you listen to his music and somehow he can control it.
Joined Oct 24, 2008
watched this high as all hell last night
amazing how he has a stuttering problem but can spit flawlessly.
touched on a few points that I wondered about, humble dude. Ive been listening to alot more of his stuff lately.
Joined Dec 31, 2009
Dude was Def. thinking too much or he was hella blown.
interview really shouldve been like 45 min. but the stuttering problem extended it.
Joined Jun 17, 2006
at Mickael Piertrus!

But this dude stutters like a muh'!

But his raps are ******ED (In a good way).

Joined Jun 12, 2006
damn this stuttering is something serious. crazy how oyu dont even notice it in his songs. its kinda like a singers accent suddenly disappearing once they start singing.
Joined Sep 16, 2003
Drag On was the same way with the stuttering but he still held it down. Lemme peep this interview.
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