Video: LL Cool J Still Talking About Jay-Z

Feb 9, 2007 :rolleyes

LL I know you got money, go get some broads and chill in the Caribbean for a few months, lay low, drink some margaritas and blow some haze

You'll make yourself happy, you'll make everyone else happy too to not have to listen to your wrinkly @#%$
Dude does have a point tho, Hova ain't really trying to do the president @#%$ for real ova there.
Hov probably isn't really tring to be the so called "president" over at Def Jam. He wasn't going to be the typical president in the first place, that's what I thought. He probably did it to step outside the box, something to add to his beast of a portfolio.
He has a point . . . Don't let your love and or attraction to Jay Z cloud your better judgement . . . If he was sayin this @#%$ about Jermaine Dupri or LA Reid it wouldn't be a problem.

Jay was just quoted saying he wasn't goin stop rapping, how he can't lose the urge, one of the conditions of him becoming president was the fact that he'd be no longer "actively" rapping . . .
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Nay, you might want to tell your boy to keep his thoughts to himself.


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^Ehhh so what he said he would stop rapping and got the urge to comeback. Let the man live!! He is doing what he loves....why should you care?! It doesnt affect any of our lives. Jay is not the reason or face of declining hip-hop sales as some want to make it out to be.
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Him doin what he loves is putting a lot of major (and or good) artists careers in a limbo
s making good music, hopefully the general public will recognize that and purchase his music. Until then, he's forced to make public cries of sympathy in interviews and wither away on the Def Jam roster, and rightfully so.


Cough up a lung..Where Im From!!
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LL does need to shut up, no question about that, but the fact of the matter is that he probably isn't the only one who feels that way... Jay's putting some people on ice indefinitely, word to Budden.
I made this thread yesterday but I aint mad

I wont say much about what yall are saying cuz it seems like yall are sayin F the artists who are complaining bout Ol Man Jigga makin himself the #1 priority at Def Jam the graveyard, talkin bout let him live if he got da urge to make music and its the artists problem if they aint sellin clearly forgettin this is a major label where the majority of rappers should be having some success. Like aslong as he is sellin the label will be fine along with the other hollow pop artists droppin.

All I can say is drop the artists you refuse to promote. I aint been checkin for LL like I use to I will admit that but I still think he can make a good album. This isnt just about LL not being relevant or him not selling its da lack of support. I think it time for LL to leave Def Jam along with the Roots, Method Man, and the other GOOD artists left. If Sean Carter continues to be president of Def Jam and puts his rap career 1st those artist will continue to complain

I just started thinkin about it and its almost like Ol Man Jigga is about to turn Def Jam into Bad Boy, after some of these artists get dropped or just shut up itll be just about 1 person :smh:

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Jay said something in XXL to the effect of "the people decide"...he's right (as usual <> :lol:
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LL stay licking his lips like he's messing with that fine china.... i couldnt watch that interview just minimized it and listened to the audio.
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