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Dec 8, 1999
Once again, Jordan brand is giving NikeTalk members the opportunity to appear in the Holla Back section of the upcoming issue of Brand Jordan Magazine.

This year, its all about that loving care.

Most sneakers serve primarily to protect our feet. They grind across jagged terrain, they endure the elements, theyre scuffed, theyre stained, theyre stretched. Theyre not something to preserve, let alone something to conserve. When the situation calls to tread through mud, we dont think twice. We dont pause to consider the shoes feelings. When they can sustain no further abuse, theyre sloughed aside unceremoniously relegated to the deepest recesses of a closet, garage, or garbage can. A six-year old sneaker isnt something many of us would wish to be downwind of, much less something wed display with pride.

For most of us here, Air Jordans arent just another shoe. Air Jordans are cherished, coddled, painstakingly preserved and proudly presented. Many of us wont wear our Jordans to trudge through snow or slog through rain. Im certain there are many among us who would rather walk barefoot through the mud than subject their Jordans to the indignity. Some Air Jordans are revered as sculpture, too special to be worn, too pristine to taint.

Jordan brand wants to know, how do you treat your Air Jordans?


- How do you store or display your Jordans?

- How do you keep them looking their best year after year?

Do you baby your Air Jordans?
Do you despise dirt? Cringe at the sight of creases?
Do you have any tricks of the trade youd like to share with your fellow Jordan fans?

If so, please share your stories with us.

Be sure to include your email address along with your submissions, so that Jordan brand can contact you if your story is selected.

Just as last year, submissions may also be directed to jordanbrandmag@yahoo.com

Pease respond by Monday, August 2nd if youd like your story to be considered for inclusion within the magazine.

For those curious, the next issue of Brand Jordan magazine is scheduled to arrive in late October or early November.
If youd like to receive a copy of the magazine, free of charge, simply sign up for the Team Jordan mailing list by visiting www.jumpman23.com and clicking on the Sign Up link. Be sure to include your full mailing address and check the box allowing you to receive mail offline from Jordan brand. Check this post in our FAQ section for illustrated step by step sign-up instructions: p085.ezboard.com/fniketal...D=10.topic

If youre not already registered for Team Jordans mailing list, make sure you do so by mid-August if youd like to receive the next issue.

Thanks and good luck to all those who participate!

jus sent mine...when I get my issue i better b in there... :D

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Sent mine. Hopefully I'll get in this time. :D

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i really don't know what they are looking for to put in there. i'd like to be in there, might give it a try, but i'm not going to go out of my way to be in it. good luck to everybody on getting in
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Finally, a new issue!!!
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Heres what I wrote:
My Air Jordans are my most prized possession. After wearing a pair, I will inspect them for dirt, clean them off (if needed), and proceed to put them back into their box with the tissue paper back in the toes to prevent creasing. Some Jordans even receive extra care. A silica packet or two is thrown into a box just to prevent damage from humidity. Think I'm not that crazy yet? On a sunny day in late May of this year I wore my Air Jordan XII in the black and carolina colorway (a $200 shoe) to school. The day was going great until the last period of the day when the clouds rolled in. I prayed that the storm would hold off for another hour just so I could make it to a friend's car without my Jordans getting wet. My day went from great to bad in an instant as the clouds dropped buckets of rain. I was sitting in study hall wondering how I would get out to my friend's car. My gym shoes were on the other side of the school, so that was not an option. What did I do you ask? As the bell rang I walked down to one of the exits at our school, took my shoes off, stuffed them in my shirt, and casually walked out to my friend's car. I was soaked from head to toe but my Jordans made it without getting a drop of rain on them. People laughed and called me crazy, but I just smiled knowing that my Jordans would be alright. That is love.
Thanks for your time,
I've been here for 2 years and counting.
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dude they are just shoes
trust me

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Not to be a jerk, but BigLefty, I don't really think it's necessary to tell Jordan Brand how much the Nubucks cost... If there is anything they know, believe me, it's how much they're charging... >:

I walked a half mile barefoot in the rain once coming back from a class, then stopped by a friend's house to borrow some sandals in order to protect my Nubucks... I felt dumb at the time, but I had not waterproofed them yet, I just couldn't risk it...
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Not to be a jerk, but do you think that half the people who receive JB mag. now, received it when they sent the Nubuck stuff in the mail? A lot of the people just look at the stuff and throw it out. I know one kid who still doesn't understand why he gets the stuff in the mail. ALSO, Jordan Brand can edit it all they want.
I've been here for 2 years and counting.
"Smoke the purple haze, my rhythmical lines leave you in a daze."
BIG LEFTY man, i did the same thing wit my nubucks when it snowed. what made it worst was that i didnt trust the water repellent that i had just sprayed on them that morning!!! :rofl:

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Here's what I sent in to JB:

Hey what's going on Jordan Brand !!!! My name is DeAngelo Hayes and my online alias is Deehayes0628. I wanted to share my loving care tips for my Jordans with you and the rest of my sneaker family. As a store manager at Finishline some of the main things stress to my stockroom workers are origanization and neatness. I am the same way when it comes to my shoe collections. I organize my Jordans from I-XIX, and each style is in chronological order by color codes. Different Jordans are worn during certain times of the year. During the Spring I wear all of the light colored Jordans: Frenach Blue, University Blue, and Cement Print Jordans really stand out during this time of year. In the summer is when I only wear the low top Jordan styles. During the fall the dark color J's are worn, mainly Black/Red, Cool Grey, Black/Indiglo, and Black/Olive. In the winter all of the Jordan shoes are put up and all the Jordan Boots are worn. A constant rotation in the wear of your Jordans is a good way to preserve your collection and it also cuts down on excessive cleaning. Loving care and maintainence are vital when you want to break out a crisp pair of Jordans later on down the road so allow me to share a few of my cleaning tips. Whenever I buy a new pair of Jordans the very first thing I do is spray my entire shoe with two coats of water repellent spray. For Nubuck/Suede/Mesh it protects against water damage and it also prevents fading and discoloring to your material. On Leather it also protects against water damage and it tightens your leather and helps against unwanted wrinkles. When the time comes to clean my Jordans I have a special group of cleaners I use to keep my Jordans looking DS even after I wear them. For suede/nubuck I use the suede/nubuck kits with the eraser bar that are sold are various retailers. For dark leathers instant shoe cleaners get the job done very well for me. When I want to shine up an older pair and give them that DS look again I use an oil based shine sponge. When I clean light colored leather, annoying scuff marks, dirt on my midsoles, or even on the soles of my shoes the Sof Sole Scuff&Stain remover is my best friend. That little stick removes the toughest spots and scuff marks. For those of you who clean their soles after every wear I would recommend using that. Not only does it removed marks, but it also moisturizes your leather which will help prevent cracking in your leather. On the patent leather parts of my Jordan IX's and XI's I've found the best cleaner to use is windex. They give off a very nice shine and it doesn't leave any streak marks on my shoes. On the 23rd of every month I give my collection a loving care touch up. Even though it can be a pain shifting 70 boxes around to put my latest pickups in their proper place, it feels good knowing that everything is nice, neat and clean. Whether you have a small or a large collection take the time to give your Jordans love and care and they'll return the favor by getting props and recognition from your peers...
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Um deehayes.... I think that on behalf of the niketalk family i would like to thank you for your thesis of cleaning shoes. Your mother should be proud. :lol:

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