We all knew it was too Good to be true. vol: Weezy you sly dog...

Dec 3, 2007
Might be late but apparently, Weezy forced Lauren to keep the baby after she found out she was pregnant...


Actress Lauren London, who is rumored to be pregnant with rapper Lil' Wayne's baby, is allegedly not too happy about the impending birth. Just acouple of days ago, Lauren allegedly made this confirmation through her publicist:

"At first we weren't happy about the pregnancy but now we are fine. Wayne and I will happily raise this baby together."

Now 24hourhiphop is reporting that Lauren isn't at all happy about her pregnancy.This is what 24hourhiphop had to say:
In fact Lauren still is not happy about this pregnancy but Wayne pressured her into keeping it, apparently even threatening to go public with the news that she was pregnant…if Lauren didn't keep it. Obviously fearing what reputation this would put on her and her career, she opted to do the right thing and keep the baby. But she is not happy with it at all!

"Lauren is letting everyone close know this is not what she planned. She's mainly worried what effect this will have on her career. She doesn't want to be stigmatized as just Lil Wayne's baby mama." A cousin of Lauren's said to the press.

I don't blame Lauren for initially wanting to terminate that pregnancy. I mean really, who would want to birth this:


'Cause you know what they say, like Father, like son...

it wasnt planned.......but eh.

she still was lettin him beat.

i dont feel bad for her.
see and this is EXACTLY why i am pro-life ... people like this are the scum of the earth ... wanting an abortion because your "career" may getdamaged ... smh ... its not like she will have trouble raising the kid wayne has baby money ...
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How did Wayne smash?
. I ask myself that everyday.
When you're rich and talented you can smash anybody you want

True. I guess money and fame can indeed buy you "love".
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it wasnt planned.......but eh.

she still was lettin him beat.

i dont feel bad for her.
Good point, especially if he was hittin it raw.

On a side note, there has probably been SO many celeb/celeb pregnancies/abortions that we dont know about.
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