Week 11 Appreciation: Air Jordan XI Collections...etc

Dec 14, 1999
1996: MJ was back in full swing, and had his Bulls breaking the total win record. Not only was MJ back at the top of his game, so were his kicks! The XI's, though slow to catch on by the general public, ended up changing the course of shoe history as we knew it! I mean, patent leather on a basketball shoe? Who would have thought it? The XI's top alot of people's list as their most favorite Jordan shoe of all time...so let's see that patent!





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nice man, i always love commin in here everyweek and seeing these appreciation posts. good idea to start these. also very very nice collection. i dont even hav 1 pair of elevens and u hav lik 20. shoot i dont even hav 1 pair of jays

Here are mine. I do not have as many as some others, but I'm happy with what I've got.



Wanted: Jordan OG boxes from I-XI. Get at me if anyone is selling.

Been wearing Jordans since Jordan wore Converse at North Carolina !!!!!!

I'm that Punjabi guy!
I had og 3 pairs of og bred lows sold one, gave the other one which was beat to my older bro.

had og bred mids sold those as well.

and og columbia kids sz and retro wht/columbia blue 11s sold those as well.

im lookin for a DS pair of all og 11s...any1 wanna help me? sz 9.5-10 ONLY

my og bred lows are yellowing now **cries**
ijapino has so many... share the wealth :lol:

Looking for Cardinals, Flints, ceramics VIIs all size 12
Holy Grail #2 blk/red XI I LUV EM :smile:

Beater Concords :/ dont like em though as you can see there piss yellowed hahha

WANTED!! 11-11.5
- XII (French blue)
- Any dunks
- Any AM90s

Here are my XI not much, but it's all I got. Last pic is of restored concords. Thankx Punjabi Paul tha Neckbreaka.

here are my DMP'S.

Here are my concords after Cleaning.

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