Week 15 Appreciation: Air Jordan XV Collections...etc


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MJ retired again...But his legacy carried on with the brand. The XV is probably most people's LEAST favorite in the Air Jordan series, however, It still deserves it's appreciation because without it, we wouldn't know how to get to 16. It probably won't be retroed for awhile, and when it does, rumor has it, that it will be altered from it's original release....So start looking for OG's now! I, myself, am curious to see some Player/Team Exclusives!

Check it:

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although i love the XV like no other, i sadly own zero pairs.
nice stuff everyone.
nebody wanna sell a sz 10.5/11, holla....
Looking for DS Retro II mids any color(preferably wht/blk/red) SZ 10.5-11

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the 15s are actually one of my favorite Jordans. The grey and white one is straight fire. I wish i could get my hands on a pair...
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i had back in the day the obsidiean/white( sorry if spelt wrong just kinda tired ) they were diffrent and thats what i liked about them!
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ima try to scoop some new ones under retail on ebay... thats the only way
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Quote:[hr][/hr]The XV is probably most people's LEAST favorite in the Air Jordan series[hr][/hr]

Yeah...that's sad too. I thought they were fresh. Better than that crap we call the XXI.

Anyway, this shoe will always hold a special place in my heart. Rocked it brand new to my High School Grad in 2000, sorry i have no pics though.

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Woof . The XV's are real hard on the eyes. For some reason I thought you were going to skip this Jordan
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I think the XV are design-wise one of the best jordans ever made. unfortunately don't own a pair, but i will defenitly get a pair when it will be retroed
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i remember back in tha day..eastbay had team edition XVs in tha clearance section for like $69.99...highly underrated..lookin for the flint greys as we speak..
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Oh man Air j xiii, my carolina xv's discolored in the same spot, the same way on the toe area....what a wierd coincidence. I thought i was the only one that this happened to, i was so disappointed. Sighhh...guess it was just crappy quality. I need a new pair, XV'S....Appreciated.

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Can anyone tell me if these fit true to size or if I can get away with a 1/2 size larger then my normal size? Thanks
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lol my mom got me like 5 pair when i was ten........but since i didnt know @#%$ about shoes i tossed them because the top was makin my foot hurt..........o the money i couldve made........
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