Week 19 Appreciation: Air Jordan XIX Collections...etc

Dec 14, 1999
The XIX's were inspired by the deadly Black Mamba snake, and quickly drew comparisons to the XI's since it had a patent toe, and a similiar shape. However, the shoe was a lil heavy and didn't quite breath very well partially due to the flex shroud that covered the laces. The XIX's were also the first shoe to be available in regional colorways. And they did so with the standard model as well as the SE model. The lows also featured the debut of the "LS" model...









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Got the black/reds will edit with pic tonight.

Edit: okay maybe sooner than tonight. I even have a un-opened mailer. :D
My first pair of jordans (july 2005), they were on sale for $90.
i've outgrown them, they're size 10 and i'm now an 11.

didn't quite breath very well partially due to the flex shroud that covered the laces
eBay auctions!!
here is my addition, these are my favourite j's that i currently own next to my 18's i searched about 8 months for these and when i got them, i was sooooo thankful, btw, flame me on this or not, everytime i wear these, i put clear tape on the bottom so that the soles are always icy, after about 4 wears, the soles still look DS

boy those were gawd awful..i know i'm one of da few that would take da XV's over these...

only ones i liek are da SE's and i got a pair of navy ones.
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Hey peep's here are my XIX's minus my beater white pair. I never got the lows because i've got bad ankles and didn't like the P.E. 's hope you like them on my signature ugly comforter.
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^agreed, they would have been a way more succusful shoe in my book if they wouldnt have made my shins bleed unless i wore high cut socks. and then the lows not having the same cushioning or fit as the mids was also not a wise move. I do still love the shrouded mids though.
gone now ^

still with me \/
Thats wussup
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i only like the se ....... and those bibby's are nice
Do you really want a roundhouse kick To the Face in these badboys!!!​
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The OG colorway of the XIX's, the white/flint grey, is a classic J. One of the most overlooked J's of all time. I love my pair. And the box has the most original design for a shoebox ever.
white/grey and black/red are the only ones i would consider

the rest are pretty ugly
WANTED: Multi/Multi ("DMP") Jordan LE (9.5), Dark Cinder/Bison-Sport Red ("Bison") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7), Pecan/White ("Cali") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7, 9.5), Black/White-University Blue ("Nubuck") Air Jordan 12 Retro (9.5)
I HAVE: Shy Pink/Vanilla ("Stussy") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (11), Aqua/Chrome ("Diamond") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (9, 10), Vanilla/Trails End Brown ("Shanghai 2") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7, 9.5), White/Yellow ("De La Soul") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7), Black/Black-Deep Orange ("Hawaii") Nike Dunk Low Premium SB (7.5), Baroque Brown/Altitude Green ("De La Soul") Nike Dunk High Pro SB (7)
i dont have any.......
WANTED: laser iv's black, alts, ice blues, sz 12

*for sale or trade : ds mist blues, militarys, sz 12

I got the flints, high socks are a must on those, the top of the tex flex digs right into your legs.

The cushioning is the best of all the Jordans, but sometimes it feels too soft.
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the shoe is waaaaay to soft.. i would not reccomend for basketball, they seem to bulky... the 18's are the best shoes that i have ever played in.. they have amazing grip even on a dusty floor and they have a lot of comfort and support.... imo the 19's are only for show purposes
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