WEEK 2: Air Jordan II Appreciation!

Dec 14, 1999
Probably one of the most underrated Jordans out of the entire series. The II's get no love, but let's try and change that with the WEEK 2 Appreciation!

OG's, 94 Retros, and Current ones... Just for the hell of it, we can even count the Nu Retro II's! post what you got along with any gear that matches up with your kicks...post how you rock 'em, stock 'em, and floss 'em!

Whatcha got?!






And I know I posted these pics in the Week 1 Appreciation, but the Wings logo is all about the II's as well!


And here's a shooting jacket I got specifically for the II's:


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i'm not really into jordans, but i got love for the mid jordan IIs

(i need any nike air force 1s in sizes 11-13 in so cal 323)​
I've always love the II and I couldn't wait til they were retroed. I have bad ankles so I never got in to the low tops, but heres what I have. Sorry about the 3's they were already in the picture. Let me know what ya think.

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I had a pair of the white retro hi's...returned them a couple of days later and got some Asics + store credit...

No lies.
the only pair i got.

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you can never go wrong with a pair or two of the ii's . the retro low ii's suck , only o.g. or '94 low's .....................
'' fresh for '86 you suckers '' K.R.S.ONE BDP

be on the lookout fot my I-XXI collection post later today
Like i said before, if they retroed the shoe the same exact way it's all good in my book, i dont care i rather them retro them the same way this way todays generation can get an idea of what it is to own an exact replica of an og. What counts is the date inside the shoe. Also, i dont collect for "value" to hell with value. If this is the reason that those who have og's dont want exact replicas because of og value decrease, then your into this sneaker culture for money and for obvious wrong reasons. To hell with value.OGs will always hold their value.-BIGBEN1986
Air Jordan II will always get my respect.
The first nike shoes without the Nike check :wow:

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Just some pics hangin' around the PC.


94' Retro' High's

94' Retro' Low's

94' Retro' Set

Multiple Pairs available[/url]​
my 03, 04, 05 whatever retros i luv these shoes

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