WEEK 4: Air Jordan IV Appreciation! Collections, WDYWT...


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Ask anyone what their favorite Jordan is of all time, and most people will say the XI's....However, the IV's are usually followed very closely. The netting, the wings, Mars Blackmon, the shot....All symbolic of the IV. I'd have to say that the Air Jordan really began it's take off into another level with this release....

Show your appreciation this week, by posting your collection of IV's, along with anything else related to the great shoe. Post your matching gear, posters, WDYWT shots

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yo i swear u have 1 of the best collections on NT, i'd say in the top 5
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I predict millions of Mars IVs, so I'll just say I have them. I got lasers too, but we'll just use your pics, LOL!!
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started collecting around when the 21s came out, mid-march i think.

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cant wait till my check comes in the mail......
but here are my brothers

Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face in these Badboys!
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every1 prob. gonna post mars here :lol:

only ones i have left are the mars and bred 4's :\

i need the cements again so i can complete my og color 4's collection (after militarys)
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nice to see og militaries and mars there ijapino
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Mars up Later.

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Some pics of my IVs. No pics of lasers or mars though

more pics up later
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What up NT? Been collectin' IV's for what seems like IV ever. Here are a couple of my IV"S, no og,s cause i wore em out.

Been wearing Jordans since Jordan wore Converse at North Carolina !!!!!!

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I'm that Punjabi guy, if that matters. This is a shout out to all the people who say: Quote "I have never seen an Indian dude rockin J's. All they do is sell them at high prices before release dates, end Quote. I just proved y'all wrong.
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Quote:[hr][/hr] nice to see militaries and mars there ijapino[hr][/hr]


Great post. My favorite Jordan of all-time. No pictures, but Mars and Black/Red (coming soon) for me.

I need Cements, badly.

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The Air Jordan IV is a instant classic.
-Fire Red
-The shot
-Do The Right Thing

And the Mars just got release today :D

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the best jordan ever...i have two pairs of og fire red ,cool grey, tour....but dont have any recent pics of them...

some one post the eminems and unftd... :smokin

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OHHH how i wish i had just one pair of these IV's, they are my favorite jordans ever. once i get some more dollar dollar bills.

but they are the ONLY IV's i like.

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It's always mind-blowing seeing OG IV's DS...maybe it's psychological but they're almost like a different shoe to ANY Retro IV (99 or other).

Anyways - as I've stated time n time again, it's the shoe that pretty much woke me up.

Too many happy OG memories...and I won't bore you with em now.

I've been doin' this since CHiPs was out

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