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Mar 27, 2004

i'm against the idea of having a high number of different forums, but i guess it's good if it'll clear up the existing forums (JB, Nike, Retro).

Some of y'all be doubting me
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Too much, way too much.

Holy crap, I'm drunk beyond belief and a little lfited too...these new forums tripped me the @#%$ out!
lots of forums... looks weird.. but ill adapt.. btw please dont ban me LOL

Too much, way too much.
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One day ya here the day next ya gone.
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damn man you beat me to it. Two locked posts in a row. I love Niketalk.

Good riddance to the fake forums please. the fake makers will have a damned how to guide to make perfect "fakes".

Sneaker Art will probably have 2 posts a day, i think they could stay in the general forum.
Ok, have some thoughts.

They just made this joint ISS-status with the 10+ forums and new B/S rules. The whole reason I came back here time and time again was because ISS was impossible to navigate with so many forums and strictness of rules/posting.

Personally, the "other brands" forum isn't all that necessary since the "Nike" forum is not all that busy, and And1, Adidas, and Reebok shoes flow easily through the forum. If anything, "Nike" and "other brands" should be joined into some forum not having to do with Retro or Jordan.

Price Check/Legit Check - That's a good move, cause the Jordan forum was gettin nuts with legit checks as was Retro, although now no one will check those forums and the thread starter won't get a reply he/she needed. Glad to see that forum started.

Sneaker Art - Is this necesary? I don't see that many posts about sneaker art in any forum.

Maybe we should combine the Fake/Price check forums into 1 forum for fakes and price checks.

i just think the fake forums will lead to uneccesary posts be people looking to raise the post count by replying "looks good" or "fake" to each and every post put in those forums. It didn't seem like there was that many legit checks running around, well retro forum is a different story.
Yea the Art and Showcase are OD...but besides that...I don't really go in the shoe forums but once in a blue anyway...so it doesn't bother me...

...and the thing about the fakes/price checki thing is...nobody is going to go in there unless they are posting a new topic for themselves...so alot of question won't get answered as opposed to when I was browsing a section and in a good mood...I might just stop in and tell you how much ***** were worth...or if I thought they were fake...
i am enjoying most of it...but it seems a lot....the only part i hate the most are the categories for the buy/sell forum...9.5-10? atleast could have been 9.5-10.5....oh well....and i do not like the more than 5 words thing :stoneface:
very iss-like which i hate because i don't frequent iss for the sole reason that it sucks and it's bogged down with nonsense forums (ok that's two reasons)
sneaker showcase
sneaker art
we can all live without those.

why can't people sell more than one shoe? cause you want them to take it to ebay so they have to pay?

who is really going to go into these "legit check/fake shoes forums?"
ISS was impossible to navigate with so many forums

soooo glad my name has @#%$ dots instead of just saying the actual name. this is gay.
AKA GrandpaJoeBurst

i don't see why we need separate price check forums for retro and for jb. just throw them all together.

and i agree with others that we don't need a separate forums for other shoes cause there are barely any posts to begin with on reebok or adidas or converse.

and i'm just curious. who came up with the name "sneaker showcase"?

Some of y'all be doubting me
But I can do this in my sleep​
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