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Dec 28, 2002
I know everyone has wanted a buy/sell strictly for this Forum, and it just won't be allowed by the Admins. I have to back that up.

But I was thinking about which is not against the rules is this. A thread. (This one) where each person simply lists what they are looking for to add to their collection.

No one replies to this thread saying I have this, or I got that for you. You can respond to that person via a PM or email. Whatever they prefer.

Anyone posting ANY buy/sell information will be warned and if its done just all out flagrantly, I will request you be banned.

If this ends up being an infraction or miscontrued as an attempt to circumvent the ROC, I will have to take it down, but I don't think it is. Just follow the rules i have set up and this should help many in the forum.

Here is an example of what you can do:

What I want to add to my size 10.5 or 11 collection:

Dunkmans II & III's
Supermans (yellow & blue)
20.5.5. Burgundy/Gold & White/Stardust Gold
Bibby XII low

Any deviations will be deleted, and you will be warned. Use it, and if it doesn't work out, I will just delete the post altogether. No pics with your legs open either!
Nike/Brand Jordan
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Looking For:
black blue jordan vs in a size 10 ds only
jordan iii any colorway size 10 prefered nds
dunk sb de la high size 10 ds only

Looking for:to add to my collection size 11-12

gold and black or
purple /black flightposites

Looking For:
DS Carbon Flightposite 1s
Size 10.5.
Willing to spend about $400-$600. That's a huge range for you to work with.
If I don't hear from anyone, I'll bite the bullet on flightclub's DS pair they had up since Sunday (although I don't wanna give them my business).

New need, 11/29/06:
Got 'em

AOL IM - khbvcu
NT ezbox
I check both twice an hour daily....​
s right now.
Strictly business baby, nothing personal.[/center]
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TeePeso needs Vans Hosoi Mids sz 9.5-10.5!!!!

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Looking For:

Playoff XII's and/or wht/blk/red IX's sz 9-10 DS or VVVNDS
XVI's wht/blu or blk/red
XVII's wht/blue or lightings same sz9-10 DS or VVVNDS,
Need Elmos? I got them PM me or Email if u need them...
OG Huraches from'92 FS/FT ClickHere
PM, or Email: AirAJ23@aol.com
I'm looking for DS Grape V's sz 9.5 or 10 (have 11 for trade). I need these to add to the collection. Peace

AIM: lilsed86
foot patrol stabs 9.5 or 10 DS .. :D


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I am looking for any and all PE/Hyper AF1 sz11 and up (I will take sz10 and 10.5 on occasion).
I can be reached at: qh_inc@hotmail.com
AIM: qhinc8006

It is more than just kicks, it is a state of mind...
Im lookin to add the following to my collection sz 8/8.5

Flightposite 1: Carbon, Silver, Gold, and Egg Plant all Sz 8 vvvvnds or DS

OG Penny IV: PHX colorway and Blk/Blue vvvnnds or DS

Nike Zoom T-Bug (Tim Hardaway): Blk/wht. Sz8 DS

There's more I'll update later
Need flightposite 1 any color size 12 please
Neon green AM95 not the HoA edition size 12 thanks
Infrared 90s sz 12
Any OG Penny 4s size 12
For everyone posting after this:

Please notice I went thru most of the previous posts and edited them to conform to the format I presented above.

This allows people to see your name, sizes and products wanted.

I don't want to really consider it bending the rules, just creating a viable solution.
You know what Rolls Down Hill Don't You?
Who Will You Call When "They" Make More than You?
jun187 might be able to help you with the IIIs
looking for:
Jordan IV wht. NDS VNDS sz10 only
Nike Woven Rainbow sz10 only VNDS or DS
Nike Footscape Woven (Hideout or WC series) worth a try :lol:
sz10 only
Jordan V grape sz10 only DS

May I make a suggestion?

Once you GET the item(s) you initially wanted, go back and edit your post to say "got it" or "copped" or whatever 5 words to keep people updated.

Hopefully, by Saturday, my joint will be edited. :smile:

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What I want to add to my collection

Black and Chrome 8's sz10 *check*
Grape 5's sz10
Olympic 7's sz10
Carolina 5's sz10
Aloha Sb's sz10
Flint and French blue 13's sz10
Mars 4's sz10
FLiP SeNsAyShUn - sent pm, hope it helps.

Looking For:
Stash AF1 Low sz. 11 DS
Stash Air Max 95 sz. 11 DS
Infrared 90s Sz. 11 DS
Tiffany sz. 11 DS

email: downyboy@mrpmosh.net
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