What basketball shoes have the best ankle support

i recall members on this forum saying that theres not really a shoe that can help much after a post ankle sprain, unless u are completely healed or at least near, then u should consider playing again.

as to shoes with good ankle support, i think u are looking at shoes that can lace to around the ankle or a strap that actually works to a large extent unlike ones that are only for looks.
I think ur looking at either the Lebron IV or Kobe II Strength/ Ultimate. I don't remember whether its the Kobes or the Lebrons where people were saying the strap was no use, or it could be neither.
Sometimes thin straps do the job, and thick straps don't, it really depends on how the shoe was designed to make perfect use of the strap. Melo M3s is a good example (if i'm not confused with another shoe again) of how a shoe with no strap can still offer great ankle support just by placing its laces at the right spot
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I agree with Ziostilon and I just wanna say that since I seek for the ultimate ankle support and since I have the ZLIV, the ZK2 Ultimate and the Melo M3, all I have to say is Melo M3!!! The ZLIV provides great ankle support and the ZK2 Ultimate(Better support than the Strength) is even better but none of these two can be compared to the terrific ankle support of the Melo M3!
"The M3 features an inner sleeve, an anatomically molded ankle collar which rests your ankles and built up lateral walls to protect and support your ankles" ( Words taken from Jumpman23 and from Dwayne Edwards ). IMO I pick the M3 with no doubts! It offers me the best protection and support I can have!
The M3 heel is not great for lateral movement. They are not wide therefore it's very easy to tip over if you do a hard cut. I nearly sprained my ankle in the M3 so forget M3. The ZK2 sheath has the best ankle support, the XXI P.E is pretty good as well. If you really want protection , just wear an ankle brace and don't jump into a crowd to get rebound . That's the best way to avoid landing on some body else foot and avoid ankle sprain.
strap on Lebron IV's suck. I'd say ZK2's the MOST ankle support, but I found it a little restrictive when you laced them up tight and applied the strap.
Air Max 360's ankle support is amazing
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gotta have a strap around the ankle....lebron 2's had amazing ankle support if you can still find any. shox ups, lebron IV's and kobe stregnths are all good too.
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