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Jan 4, 2006
A friend of mines Stole a car, and crash it in to someone elses car and ran way from the scene... this is his first offense so do you think he will do jail time he is only 16?
Hell yeah.

There's ALOT of things that need to go right for him to get off with a slap on the wrist...

a) person who's car was stolen doesn't press charges
b) person who got hit doesn't press charges
c) judge/police take into consideration that dude was young and scared
d) if anybody was hurt in the accident or not when he fled

but he messed up TWICE by stealing and then fleeing the scene (which is a bigger crime than stealing sometimes), so I'd say it doesn't look good for him, but I dunno about time.

Was your boy off that lean? He needs a better supplier, my supply will have him not even being able to get up or walk properly, it would have prevented all this crime from occuring.

unbelievable...........NT's next generation...we need a new forum........LEGAL ADVICE
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what an idiot.
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probably, thats some serious stuff
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His idols would lock down airports and extort some import, catchin' 10% of what the fiends snort - Gza
hell yea!! howd he get cot if he left the scene
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