What home security system you rocking with.

Cheapest that works reliably would be some Ring cameras.

That's what I've used when I was selling some illegal stuff and the guy pulled the gun on me. I had footage which resulted in both of our arrests

not to laugh at your misfortunes, but this just took me the **** out :rofl:

Def interested in seeing what ppl got. At my house I dont have an actual alarm/security system. I do have multiple cameras that are all Google Nest. One in my Son's room and his playroom, a Nest Hub Max in the kitchen, and A Nest Hello Doorbell and Nest Deadbolt lock.

At the time when I purchased all of these items (2020) Nest had the Secure Alarm System but they discontinued it. The reason I wanted it was because it was linked with Brinks so in the event someone were to break in, they would be alerted automatically and the authorities would be called. Luckily I have lived in some decent areas with low crime but the fact that I just only have a video monitoring system and not one that is directly linked to a first responder does bug me. Im going to look into it deeper now because I think Nest has a partnership with ADT so that may be my next move, but I have been very pleased with my Nest products.

Another option may be a local security company in your area. There was a company that is based locally in my area that had some great deals on some HD security cameras. It was like 4 cameras, keypad lock, and a doorbell camera for real cheap. Installation and all and like a monthly subscription for 24/7 monitoring. So dont feel like you have to just go with the recognizable names like ADT, Brinks, Xfinity and all that. You can definitely find comparable products and cheaper prices from a local spot.
Can't lie, just have some fake cameras and bought a sign that says "secured by ADT" it works tho :lol:

Sometimes that’s all you need! Lol. The old “Smile, you’re on camera” sign on the window still works :lol::pimp:
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I use my Ring cameras for watching people do dumb **** around my neighborhood. The only time I used it for safety is when someone tried to take my garbage bin. I turned on the alarm and then made the "the police are on the way" with a RoboCop voice. He damn near knocked over all of the trash cans in fear before he took off. Good times.:lol:
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Thanks for all the help fellas been doing some research and I’m thinking going with a ring getting it from Costco and if there’s any reason why I don’t like it I can always return it.
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