What is it about the III, IV, And V that drive us nuts?

Joined Jun 7, 2005
I have a fetish for these numbers, as do so many of us...
the only other problem is that although i really just want to collect the 3 4 5, i keep on keeping up with the new releases too...Loosing it to JB.
Im getting tired of all the new shoes being dropped, not cause I dont like collectors to get what they want, but because I myself cant keep up anymore...
ANy One Else??? BTW, i know its a goofy @#%$ post, but its just something to talk about Haters...haha.

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I guess it's the overall design. They look good with almost anything.
Looking for DTRT III, Last Shot XIV, Cinder XIV, Cool Grey IV, Chambray, Black Metallic V VII, Bred XIII, Cool Grey IX and Ginger XVI in sz 16.