What made Jake Long so good? Vol. #1 overall


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He was basically considered the best tackle in the NFL, a year before he played a game.
What made a 1-15 pass up matt ryan/flacco for a outside tackle....they had 11-5 season the year after i believe too.

was he THAT much more physically imposing? 
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please, no one considered him the best LT before playing a snap in the L...and im a UM fan

06 6-10
07 1-15
08 11-5

they got henne in the later part of the 2nd, obvs he hasnt panned out, but it fit their startegy that yr
get a LT first and a qb later

Yes, he was that much more physically imposing...Joe Thomas was a Probower his 1st yr and went 3 in 2007 draft, Levi Thomas went 5 in that draft as well
Their respective Sr years, Long was graded out to be better than them by a majority of B10 coaches as a JR


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Originally Posted by fraij da 5 11

Have I been thinking OP was a different NTer this whole time?....
its eddo , i share this account with a friend 

as far as me bieng a troll , thats neither here nor there 
 , this is a relatively serious question.
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It's all about getting value. It was a weak draft for OTs. They saw the value of a franchise tackle and Chad as better than the alternative (which I absolutely agreed with).

People love to go back and act like every franchise QB was a lock to be one on draft day when that wasn't true. I was of the opinion Matt Ryan would be awful. He showed poor decision making at BC and his arm strength leaves a lot to be desired. If I'm taking a QB 1 overall (especially under the old pay scale) I'm not taking that risk with a guy who had serious flaws in his game.
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you seriously have the worst sports knowledge
Nnamdi is also overrated because he doesn't make big plays (tough when no one throws to your side of the field)
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