What time do you wake up in the mornings

Joined Dec 27, 2004
Excluding those who have class in the morning or work, I'm talking you have a full day to yourself but a lot of errands to run or things to do. I'mtrying to maximize my days, they have been flying off like nothing so I'm trying to get an early start. I'm thinking like 7:00 A.M. but it's goingto get a lot of practice as I am a sleep late and wake up at like 11 A.M. guy.
Joined Nov 25, 2004
this year i havent had any classes before 1:30, so i usually wake up around 12-1230, weekends sometimes 4. i've gotten into some ridiculously bad sleepinghabits
Joined Nov 29, 2004
Damn I need to develop a schedule and wake up early, but I can't go to sleep at 9-10pm. I usually sleep at 1-2am
Joined Jan 5, 2010
8:30 AM every day. if i get thrown off my rhythym, it makes it damn near impossible to wake up for work/school
Joined Sep 1, 2009
depends mondays, wednesdays and fridays 8 am
tuesdays and thursdays 10 am
weekends i go to sleep at 7 am
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