Whats the best shorts to wear in the summer with your kicks?NT help!!

Oct 1, 2009
Im starting to get my summer clothes in order, im really confused in what shorts are in style and look good with my kicks...last year i went with dickies and jordan shorts 95% of the time, but i was looking for some other things I could try out, i mean im into designer jeans and all that but never knew what designer shorts to wear?....if you could leave in some opinions on what shorts are good to rock with jordans, air forces, foams, etc... please leave the brand name and style....all help is appreciated...thanks NT!!!
your confused what's in style and what looks good in kicks? stop worrying about being trendy and wear what you like..don't let current trends dictate your taste..
I just do basketball shorts all summer long. I can't be wearing pants when its 100+ degrees unless I'm headed to a formal dinner or event.
i usually wear camo and cargo shorts, i find jean shorts uncomfortable

but just get what you like
Nah real talk tho... I need some good cargo shorts for this summer. Who makes good cargo's that aren't hella short?
Jean shorts I guess, I'm not really a shorts person.

I usually wear pants year round

I live in NC though so its cool.
nah imma keep doin my thing with the dickies and jordan shorts, but just looking on some other shorts that are good to wear with nice kicks....^^^ thanks for all the posts guys!
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