whats the most hyped retroed nike?

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the eggplant foams aren't a re-retro...unless youre just talking about the foam 1 in general
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Gotta be the pearls. Nike got heads going crazy over a sneaker that no one has even seen yet. At least with the other foams there was a sample pic out there.They shouldn't be known as pearls, maybe ghost foams or phantom pros
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Should the title be "whats the most hyped re-retroed nike?"


"whats the most hyped retroed nike?"

For a shoe to be a RE-Retro doesn't it have to be something that was ALREADY retroed?
Joined Nov 10, 2007
Damn some people just don't know how to read. The title says re-retro, since when are the purple foam 1's a re-retro when they came out once. Just sayFoam 1's in general
Joined Jul 16, 2002
Originally Posted by Diego1984

Infared air max 90!
limited quantities and false info being thrown out...this was the most hyped up re-retro up to date (and this just happened last summer
Joined Feb 21, 2008
Everyone is correct... But for the most hype... Has to be the air force 1's... Selling the most units for a shoe that has never been advertised (not talkinabout nellys track... But commercials, magazines, etc.). Cmon! Right?!?!
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