What's the standard drink in your fridge/household?

Joined Jul 30, 2011
Ok, I have 3 7 year olds & a 9 year old spending the night so I'm getting away for a moment to check out NT & this came to mind. What are the standard drinks you always have in your fridge?

- Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite (half ice tea, half lemonade. It's called a half & half 'round the way..)
- Arizona Diet Green Tea
- My wife's homemade ice tea (using Liptons tea bags).
- G2 assorted flavors
- Pepsi
- Capri Sun low sugar drinks for my 7 year old son (various flavors)
Joined May 31, 2004
coca cola
organic milk
arnold palmers (country time lemonade and lipton cold brew tea)
choclate milk
Joined Apr 2, 2010
No matter what, theres ALWAYS a pitcher of kool Aid in my fridge. Also Water, milk and sometimes oj
Joined Jan 8, 2006
Other than water and milk (which I drink a ton of both) I always keep some chocolate milk and try to beer on deck.
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