What's the vibe like at female performer r'n'b concerts vol Chrisette Michele H.O.B?

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I'm going to Dallas tomorrow to see Chrisette Michele at Dallas House of Blues and was wondering has any dudes on here ever been to a female performer r'n'b concert? What's the vibe like in terms of the females? I mean, I've been to like Prince's show and the chics were all hot and bothered and if you were opportunistic you could easily capitalize; throwing panties and !%#* and then this dude had the nerve to do 2 songs and bounce. But I guess they don't get like that for other chics, or maybe do they since some of CM's songs are pretty sensual especially "If I Have My Way," which she'll probably end the show with since that's like her illest live song.

Also, anybody know if they are really going to make me stand up? I bought a General Admission Standing Room Only ticket but it still has a seat number and row, and even on the venue map it showed seats while still calling it an SRO ticket, unless I have to stand at a specific spot I guess. Going by myself btw, got a female who wants to go, but she looks like a troll and after the stories I have heard about her I am convinced she has STDs that haven't even been identified yet. She literally was going to suck me off because I fixed her computer. Literally. I must've dumped the whole bottle of FeBreeze on the couch after her and the homie left.

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It all in all depends on the songs being played.  If a lovey-dovey song comes on then you got a chance.  If that women power, +%!* you ain't  +*% song comes on then you might as well forget it.  I haven't messed with chrisette michelle since her first album, so its a toss up.  I seen her in concert, as an opening act and was disapointed. It wasn't that her singing was bad it was that her set was rushed and she only did like 3 songs and then into freestyle singing like other artists and stuff.  
I went to the H.O.B. in Atlantic City and when they say standing room, they mean standing room.  So I hope that the crowd is rocking, so you don't notice that you've been standing the whole time.  I hope this doesn't discrougage you from going.  You could get some play at a female concert just wait for the right jam to come on.
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I seen Chrisette and Raheem at Orlando's H.O.B. in 2008, and it was nothing but females there. I was with a few friends myself, and I met tons of people. I've realized thats when the flocks of females come out.

There, of course, were a lot of couples, and a alot of songs catered to couples. But there were also a lot of chicks who were w/ their friends, and yes they wanted to be caked, so bad. You could see it in their eyes. lol.
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Couples and girls night crowd. I've seen chrisette more than once. I wish I would have went to see her in Baltimore a few weeks ago but I didn't want to go all the way out there alone. The girls there without a date will be a lil tipsy I can almost promise.
I just want to see her perform All I Ever Think About
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how you gonna go to a concert and sit down. that's some bull right there. you really think broads are gonna be feeling some lame cat head bobbin with a goofy smile
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how you gonna go to a concert and sit down. that's some bull right there. you really think broads are gonna be feeling some lame cat head bobbin with a goofy smile
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Yeah, you're going to be standing so wear comfortable shoes. Last time I was at the H.O.B I was standing for about 5 hours. The vibe will be just like was mentioned earlier, couples and a lot of single women, many trying to bounce back from their last relationship so you can win but tread lightly. The bitter chicks will be out in abundance...
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