What's your current cellular phone plan?

Joined Aug 4, 2012
All this phone talk, let's see what plans people are on.  Maybe you'll see something more suitable for you. 

Me, Im grandfathered into the ATT unlimited plan and pay $86 a month after a %15 work discount.  Im tempted by other plans cuz they usually offer tethering, and are cheaper.  But tough to let go of this unlimited
  And before someone says there's no such thing as unlimited, Im data user at around 10-15gb a month and Ive never been throttled etc.

Tmobiles plans looking nice from here.  They even gotta 100min/unlimted text/3gb of data for $30 a month thru walmart
lol.  Their 50-60 plans not too shabby as well.  Add the fact data used from music streaming apps dont count towards your monthly cap.
Joined Sep 5, 2010
T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan

Unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data for $45/month.


Joined Jan 2, 2012
T mobile 4 lines for 100 plan with unlimited talk text and 2.5 gigs for 4G
Joined Jul 6, 2008
Tmo unlimited everything before my discount $80, it's truly unlimited too no throttle after a certain point

Remy LeBeau

formerly carbon16
Joined Feb 15, 2011
T-Mobile unlimited talk/text/5gb $70, this doesn't include JUMP and my company discount.
Joined May 23, 2005
Att grandfathered unlimited data
2100 talk family minutes between 3 lines
I have over 18,000 roll over minutes though
And unlimited text
Pay around 240 a month
Joined Jul 18, 2012
supposedly i was on an at&t unlimited plan, but just yesterday i got a text telling me they'd basically throttle me as i was approaching 5GB for the month

first time that ever happened

telecom companies are the worst

Mr Dink

formerly foamposite xi
Joined Oct 8, 2012
My plan is ~10 years old.
Unlimited text + data for me and 1000 minutes for 4 lines for $120.
Everytime I go to a T-Mobile store, they try to get me on their new plan and I tell them **** NO. :lol:
Joined Jan 4, 2014
Switched from tmo to metro in the last month. Never thought I'd get a metro but $60 bucks for unlimited everything is how it should be, not playing these games with these greedy providers. No complaints thus far. Only downside is having to pay full price upfront for a phone.
Joined Oct 18, 2017
Does this work with any of their smartphones? :nerd:
If it uses their bands, sure. Bought an N5 from Google, got the sim for free from T-Mobile and ported my number from Sprint. Going on almost a year. No complaints really.
Joined Dec 9, 2002

unlimited mobile to mobile (450 minutes for landline usage)
unlimited messaging
unlimited data

120 ish/month. worth every penny because i kill data monthly, 20+ gigs at blazing quick internet speed. during the playoffs i was streaming to my tablet, hitting 35 gigs easily.
plus I know a trick to upgrade w/o losing my data :pimp:

limiting data killed the game for so many people
Joined Dec 9, 2002
i work for vzw and i've seen a dude's account that averages about 135 gb :wow: next highest customer was averaging 55.
i remember being shook about streaming/tethering netflix because i didn't want to be placed on vzw's radar, ceo probably knows that first dude by name.
it's wild how all 3 of us are paying 30 bucks for all that data usage and vzw charges 40 for 1 gb now.
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