Where can I buy some BAPE?

Joined May 19, 2006
Im trying to find some Bape clothing and some BBC stuff either online or in the area, preferably in the area. Can someone let me know some legit spots.
Joined Jan 31, 2007
Commonwealth in DC is a licensed BBC retailer and has a pretty nice selection, they're the only area store with a BBC account so that's where you want to go.
For BAPE there are no licensed retailers in DC so you won't find anything in store, the Busy Workshop in NYC (BAPE store) usually has a pretty poor selection of the latest stuff IMO not really worth the drive. The best move if you want something in particular is to order online from a legit reseller of BAPE, the seller Pondon on Ebay, Concept Shop out of HK and Cliffedge out of Japan are good sources for new BAPE.
Joined Jan 9, 2006
I can't believe someone made a post like this, is this 05 or something flash backs flash backs.Hit up the Get Dizzy store I hear he has a big legit bape selection shameless plug.
Joined Sep 20, 2005
What happened to that spot Cream?
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thats down here in Norfolk...they got a small selection...decent though...more shoes than clothes to b honest
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