Where Is J-Kwon? or what happen too him?

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he had a song called "tipsy 2009" come out last yr and another one called "Louie bounce (i smacked nikki)"
which i heard both of them on a music forum , and both were horrible, he had a video for the louie bounce and he was just doing the d-town boogie and dancing real ayo **#,
and u can tell he bit oj the juice man, on the AY ,heres the video,

oh and the intro to tipsy 2009 was him saying, "i dont need a fake id no more" lol
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For a second I thought you meant J-Rose.
There's been so many of those threads I just assume now. I was like damn, J-Kwon is a super random person to mix him up with.
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Originally Posted by BigTy23

Man, I wish we had a music forum...
This isn't really concerning a song/album, though. Just dude's general whereabouts.

@ his record company having a whereisjkwon twitter. He must owe them money.

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