where to go/ what to do in houston

Jul 7, 2004
whats up yall.. im going to houston in a couple of weeks.. i think the place is known as willowbrook?.. anyway
what is there to do and
what are some cool clothes/ shoe spots

thanks in advance!
Whats up, so u coming to Houston? Yeah it's willowbrook, very good mall to go to, but I recommend you go to Memorial City Mall, in my opinion it's a lot better, or maybe the galleria. There are lots of shoe spots in htown, active athlete, normal mall stores (fa, fl, finshline, ect..) premium goods, shieks.
Make sure you hit a club or something, lots of lovely ladies in htown.


they not ghetto....take it like u want to but i catch hella deals at both places....open ya mind homie...
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sharpstown aint ghetto mayne. I think its the best mall in houston to get street gear at, if thats wut u wear and thats wut i wear. You can get nice sun shades, units, and jewlrey for cheap there. Unlike alot other malls in the H that sell useless crap like scooters and samuri swords, sharpstown is str8 up shoe stores, clothes stores, and jewlrey spots. Greenspoint is basically the same.

The galleria is a great mall.......if your loaded. They got a sachs 5th ave an other rich ppl stores. If you gonna hit up a club, it depends on your age and wut kinda females u lookin for.

How old are you
Northline mall is my mall. and it aint ghetto, I catch alot of good deals there too
thanks thanks good info.. ill try to hit up 3-4 different malls while up there.. hopefully ill pick up some steals
Northline mall is my mall. and it aint ghetto

You're lying to yourself, I don't have any beef with the mall, I go there from time to time but it is ghetto. Greenspoint is too, but it's true that you can get good deals.
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Some of the best Houston has to offer

- Astros Game
- Timmy Chans
- Whataburger
- Dairy Queen
- Mama Ninfas on Navagation
-Splash Town
- Galleria
- Premium Goods on Times Blvd (kicks)
- SF2 Greens Rd (kicks and gear)

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Ill add to your list Kadoma...

Frenchy's Chicken (right next to U of H)
Active Athlete
ALL Pappas Restaurants
Sharpstown Mall
Goode Company Restaurants
its on the opposite side of 45 from Greenspoint mall, right behind burger king.
small store, that just opened, so dont expect much.
but they got some heat in there for the dozen or so pairs of shoes they actually have.

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I went by that SF2 the other day but they were closed, looked in the window, it looked like they had some nice stuff, but are they 100% legit? Some of the shoes they had were kind of suspect? I saw some fire red 4's(I think) in there and correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those from '99? You just don't see too many pairs of those laying around.
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man im loving it in houston so far.. just got used to the weather..but i still sweat everytime i go outside haha.. hit up willowbrook mall.. it was ok.. copped some clothes.. now i wish i could hit up a club but i dont know anyone my age around here.. copped some old paul wall and chamillionaire cds tho haha
i guess your near willowbrook?
go down the beltway 8 toward the air port from willowbrook.
exit veterans memorial
hang a left
a couple of lights down youll see Timmy Chans on the right.
when you go back home you can tell all your fam how you got 6 drum sticks and fried rice for $2.99 :D

Greenspoint is also down the beltway from there,
right were it intersects I-45
A lot of good stores in there
Foot Action, Finish Line, ETC.
A more urban mall.
SF2 is just under the I-45 on Greens.

You really need to go to either Pappadeux or Pappasitos across 1960 from Willowbrook

If you plan to venture down south holla, Ill give you some directions..

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SF2 has real stuff, I saw the Invisibles and the Easters in there yesterday, the Bape hoodies look fake tho
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Junior Colleges? You can go to the one on 249 that is like a smaller version of the one in Tomball. Those would be the closest. If you are not talking about Junior Colleges, disregard this message.
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-The Alamo Theatres off Highway 6.
-Ra the resturante off Westheimer
-Anything off Westheimer and Rice Area(finest chicks in the city)
-Edwards Theatres off I-10
-Freebirds, havent tried it, but its a better Chipotle(hispanic resturante with massive burritos for cheap price) Its down the street from Willowbrook mall
- Try Chickfila( THE BEST CHICKEN SANDWICH PLACE, HANDS, DOWN, i'll paypal anyone 50 bucks if they can find a better place than this)
-Krystals (like a whitecastle ) down 1960 towards i-45
-Laser Quest( laser tag, probably boring)
-Jack N the Crack, get their 1 dollar for two taco deal with buttermilk
-The Art exhibits down Rice area
-The human expo at the science museum
-Fry electronics, just a really big electronics store
-Shannons Streetware at Willowbrook mall, people try to hide this spot from others cause it sells SB, but wah lah. check it out. Nothing really speciall, its like a fast foward but a little better( skateshop)

-Malls to check are...

Galleria is the best one, it has everything, off 610 loop.
Woodlands is the second best, nice scenary, alot of shops, 45 north
Memorial City is the third best, alot alot alot of shops and an ice rink, i-10
First Colony is fourtth, just stuff, its getting big out there, 59 south, correct me ifim wrong
Willowbrooke, nice stores, shannons, its like a cleaned up greenspoint, next to 249
Sharpstown, TV Johnny jewerly shop is there, sorry sorry parking though, off 610
GP aka Greenspoint, alot of stuff to get, i get my best deals at gp, beltway and north 45
Northline has the shoes stores also, its alright at best, but alot of deals, on i-45 but the outer loop of houston
than theres mall like pasadena, west oaks, etc etc, they just suck.

Eat at
-Carrabas, down 1960

more later...

i live in the big apartments on veterans within walkin distance from timmy chans it was like chirstmas when i saw them puttin up the sign and when in greenspoint go to hook it up because the people in georgios follow u around the whole got damn store
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