Which has better air flow? ZOOM KOBE II vs.LEBRON4

Feb 20, 2005
ok, after going to the mall and trying out the two pairs:

1. i agree that the lebron 4's feel heavier than the zoom kobe II, but the lebrons felt more sturdier and durable than the zoom kobe II.

2. After trying the kobe 1's and 2's, i have to say that ankle support+strap on the II's feels much more protective than the II's, and the weight is unbelievable.

i mainly play as a guard and i felt like both shoes were unbelievable so i gotta ask this now

after 1-2hrs of balling, which shoe has better air flow so your feet doesn't feel like its in lava?

and also, does anyone have a coupon for to footlocker/footaction/finishline/eastbay?
i hear both have good ventilation. if u value durability, get the lebrons. if you like court feel, get the kobes. both are good performers for guards and forwards
u should probably compare the LBJIV with the Kobe Strengths too, not only the Sheaths

ok, after looking at "nike" thread,

i realized theres three version of the kobe IIs. I only tried on the sheath version( which i think is the best looking one out of all 3)
I have not tried on the Kobe II, but the Lebron IVs have a good amount of air flow

I can feel the wind in my shoes occasionally
i have both, id go with the kobe 2
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Kobes have better air flow.
so id go with the kobe 2!

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i have both kix and both have pretty good breathability

kobe 2 has a slight advantage over the lebron iv because of its lighter material and diamond holes in the upper.

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if you just look at the zk2's you can tell it has better air flow. the diamond holes provide great breathability.

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Kobe II's are the way better shoe then the Lebron IVs

The Lebron IVs have better Air Flow,but they arent as good for ball
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ZK2 has better ventilation. id get the kobes over the lebrons.
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