which shoes are better tmac 6 or lebron 4?

Joined Dec 22, 2006
Let's compare them a lil bit.

T-Mac VI

Fit: The fit is good but not great since it allows some movement on the heel and on the toebox but overall it's snug. (8.5)
Cushioning: The cushioning works very well especially when you're running or making a drive. (8.5)
Comfort: It's a very comfortable shoe better than the T-Mac V. (9)
Ventilation: The ventilation is great! I wear 2 socks and after a 3 hour play my feet felt very dry. (9.5)
Traction: The traction is impressive! You can feel the pods beneath working a lot! (9)
Performance: The ForMotion technology is splendid! (9.5)
Ankle Protection: Not very good. ( 8 )
Overall Protection: Good (9)


Fit: It fells big on the toebox but the overall fit is awesome (9)
Cushioning: Lovely! Very sweet! So good! (9.5)
Comfort: It's one of the most comfortable bball sneakers nowadays! (10)
Ventilation: The ventilation is nice but due to the foams tight fit you may feel some heat on the midfoot. (9)
Traction: The traction is really great! You feel that your feet are on the ground on every step you take. (9.5)
Performance: A high performance shoe! (10)
Ankle protection: Superb! (9.5)
Overall protection: Perfect especially on the midfoot! (10)

Summary: IMO the ZLIV is a much better shoe but for the bigger players! The T-Mac VI is a shoe for all positions!


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i would stick with the lebron IV's just based on comforatbility and the style is raw too

t-macs r okay but if money isnt a matter then theyre are both pretty much the same price
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i would go with the lebrons. the tmacs are good shoes but the lebrons are better imo
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id take the 6s
i use them for out doors now casue i wore them out n the traction outdoor is better than indoor when they were new
but when i used them when they were new, the shoe was pretty good
comfort n fit have been a bit better, its abit narrow at some points n the heel counter and ankle support definatly could have been better (a bit wide n theheels counter ends too low)
overall though, it was a good ride in them
comfort: 7.5/10
construction: 8/10
ankle support:6.5/10
traction: 8/10
overall: 8/10-ive seen n tried out the 4s too, never kept them, n id saw the 6s r better
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If weight is an issue for you, the LeBrons are some of the heaviest shoes out. The TMacs are the lighter shoe, and it seems that a few have failed to mentionthat.
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T-Mac 6 gets my vote too. It just feels much better in my foot and the formotion system feels pretty good. The LBJIV felt real heavy and bulky and I would onlyrecommend for bigger players.
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lol military hummers r heavy slow pieces of...
ya i rolled a couple times in the 6s but only after they were all old n worn out
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T-Mac VI's are in my top 5. The Formotion pods really help with stability and the padding around the ankle creates a lockdown fit
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Both arent the greatest performance shoes out.

T-Mac 6:
Pros- Very natural feel, comfortable, good fit at forefoot, pretty stable platform and support underfoot
Cons- I didnt like the heel and ankle fit, cushioning was adequete and natural feeling but lacked any responsiveness, traction on dustier courts was bad.

Lebron IV:
Pros- Lockdown fit, unmatched support all around the foot, durable, great traction, responsive cushioning
cons- VERY heavy, shoe didnt feel natural and court feel was sub-par, shoe imparted an almost chunky feel with poor heel-toe transition, due to the nature ofthe foamposite material some people may have fit issues.
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^^^ Almost exactly my opinion. After a year in both, I would go with the T-Mac if I was buying today. The Lebron just never felt right while I was playing init. Some shoes you just never get a natural feel for, and I am heavier for my size, so I thought it would eventually get better, but it just feels clunky. TheT-Mac, like Storm said, does not have the traction, but I liked the cushioning. It was firm and flexed just right while playing, and is very stable. I thoughtthe heel fit was excellent, though I have wide feet. The LB has great cushioning, but I think it is almost too mushy, making me feel slower. Probably not true,but just how it feels.
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