White/Fire Red Retro 3 - How's the quality?

Jul 13, 2002
Specifically: What's the quality of the leather like, and does the paint on the midsole chip or crack?

Didn't pay much attention when these dropped, but a spot near me has them for a good price and they've grown on me.
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I thought they were pretty good... i'd actually pick up another pair for the right price...
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You say I'm not The "E"??? You wanna make a bet???
Very nice quality for retro's In my opinion all the 3's were very good quality
They Are ''Ok'' But They feel different in the arch its higher than the 03' retro cement white which still feel better right now 4 yrs later when u compare them 2 these
Seems like they're better than i expected....

Thanks for the input everyone.
Air Jordan Retro: You can't go back.
I was happy as heck with the quality
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Found my sertig's... now i am on the hunt for some Union 180's sz 13 DS or NDS
Been wearing mine to ball for about 5 months. The quality is decent...the leather is not what it was in the '01 or '03 retro 3's, but there has been a major improvement in my opinion on the paint used on the red midsole. When I've balled in the White Cements, the Black midsole got scuffed pretty bad. This red paint holds up very well. The white paint on the midsole below the red does crack, but is negligible considering I've been playing ball in them for that long.
Definitely comfortable, and very durable. If you still don't have a pair, you oughta pick one up soon.
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The white paint slightly chipped on my pair after I wore it at least ten times but it's nothing really major.

I also noticed these do have a high arch, but I've never worn any of the older III retros, so I can't compare the comfort.

As long as you take care of these, these will still look fresh every time you wear them.
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Overall they are good but on my pair the black paint on the jumpman on the back came off on the foot but just a little bit, not much after wearing them less than ten times
Good Quality but the midsole paint gets really crappy after like 10-15 wears
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I was kinda disappointed. the leather quality is no way near as nice as the older retro IIIs like from '01 and '02. the leather on those were on point.
I think the quality of the FR III's is pretty good. I've worn mine for ball and casually. So far the red paint hasn't chipped on my pair. Nocomplaints here!

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