white out?!

Joined Jun 28, 2007
is white out good to use on your shoe to make it whiter? because i hate using the white polish because it turns yellow
Joined Nov 1, 2006
um.....................NO!!! im not trying to be mean or anything but why would you even consider using white out? just use white paint or something like that
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Go ahead and use white out...

then post pics. :D
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find your answers in the Care and Maintenance Thread......I would not use white out...not sure what kind of paint should be used but I doubt it's house paint and I'm sure it's not white out.
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step one: smack yourself for thinking of using office products on your sneakers. stay away from sharpies and marks-a-lot too :lol:

step two: go talk to your local shoe repair spot, they should have some decent white leather paint you can use.

alternate step two: read the care and maintenance thread and order the suggested paint brand.
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