Who Actually uses RETRO J's to play ball in?

Joined Jan 13, 2008
I always wondered how many NT users actually buy these retros to use them for athletic purposes?  I'm somewhat guilty for not using all of my retros but its only because I haven't gotten around to it yet.  But I do use them eventually.  Right now, i'm playing in my XIV's.  What are you using your retros for?  Do some of you consider those who never wear their retros "hypebeast?"

Just my 1/2 cent LOL
Joined Jan 10, 2010
yea i ball in my XIV's too, but they got beat up pretty quick, i dont kno i just dont trust balling in the rest of them, rather jus wear them out casually
Joined Aug 14, 2008
i ball in the retro 12's and 17's those are the only ones i like on the court
Joined Jul 12, 2009
i balled in cdp xiv,in cdp xii ,cdpxvii and cdp  x but i wear most of my retro's off the court more
the cdp Xs fit just right with ankle support plus i swiched the laces with the IX laces for more tight fit
Joined Mar 15, 2004
I play ball in all my J's.
Last pair i wore were the 09 Spacejams.
Very comfy shoe once broken in, i like em a lot
Joined Dec 28, 2003
Once I've rocked them a couple of times casually and they ain't as FRESH as I'd like them, they hit the court.

bel air

Joined Mar 2, 2010
there's a huge thread on this that's like 15 pages deep. please don't make threads son
Joined Mar 15, 2005
Originally Posted by bel air

there's a huge thread on this that's like 15 pages deep. please don't make threads son
 This guy. But I play in my XII's and XVII's a lot. Haven't wore my III's yet, but as comfortable as they are, they'll be brought out pretty soon.

Joined Jun 9, 2009
I do, and basically because the cdp's I copped featured one pair I really wanted, and rather than selling the other, I just ball in them. I'm talking about the cdp 15s which are really underrated.
Joined Nov 30, 2007
I ball in every nike/jordan basketball sneaker I buy wether its a retro or new model.

If u have a huge rotation ya feet never acustom to one style of shoe wich can have its good and bad points of course some are more comfy than others but overall I have never experienced the horror storys that some NTers claim happens with these shoes.

I rock AF1s,Max 1s 90s 95s,cross trainers Griffeys,Agassis,Huraches,SCs for casual outfits when I go out ballin shoes to me are for ballin.

300+ pairs in my collection only 40-50 pairs are for casualy rocking rest are strictly indoor only ball shoes.

On sale solid Nikes/Jordans are copped for ballin outside.

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