Who here works at Starbucks?

I dont really count Starbucks as a 'coffee spot', its more of a 'coffee-based beverage spot' because, like someone said, their black coffee is blah. Not even terrible. That would mean it was exceptionally bad. It ain't even doing bad well.
Starbucks is solid, they have a baseline quality that works. Folks exaggerate but it's not bad. If I need a proper caffeine hit, I hit them up and forget sleeping well for that night. Oddly enough I know folks who do it at night with no effect.
If Starbucks is keeping you awake, you have healthy adrenals most likely which is a good thing. I am usually at 600-800mg of caffeine total a day, so I could definitely drink a coffee and go straight to bed. Well my sleep usually sucks which is certainly related
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