Why is Popeyes so slow


Joined Feb 14, 2019
Had to go back a second day in a row. Lol. 15 min wait. Ordered the classic to see what it tatstes like. I told the dumb worker I wanted sweet heat and she gave me bayou buffalo smh. Bayou buffalo ended up being good though
Joined Mar 13, 2014
Now that the hype has died down for me... i will say that KFC still has the best chicken sammich. That Georgia Gold sandwich is a beast while the Nashville Hot will give you something worth crying about.
Joined Oct 10, 2016
Not even a fan of chicken sandwiches but wanted to see what the hype was. Parking lot was full when I got there, probably 20+ people and there was a sign on the door saying "No more chicken sandwiches. Sorry."

There's actually a KFC across the street from it and it had only like 3 people in there. Popeyes social media marketing team needs a raise.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
They prolly just wanna eat it before caring about pics...but the thought of that kfc sandwich

My popeyes sold out of the sandwiches haha last week it was empty and the sandwich ad was outside. Gotta love this new emergence of popeyes.
I still don't see how that makes sense.

Take the picture BEFORE and then eat.


Biting, take a pic (with greasy hands), and then continuing to eat.
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