Why isn’t Adam Morrison playing?

Joined Jan 15, 2009
Can anyone tell me why adam Morrison isn't getting any playing time with the lakers? I have been wondering for a while now, He was a 3. Draft pick andone of the best college players in 06 but still doesn't play. Any answers?
Joined Jan 20, 2002
cant defend
the one thing he is suppose to be good at, shooting, he really isnt excelling at either. cant get his shot off and really havent knock down his shots
Joined Nov 4, 2003
I am gonna join the masses and say, the reason he isn't playing is because he sucks.


Joined Feb 7, 2008
To this day I can't see what the Bobcats saw in this kid

GM-MJ strikes again
Joined Feb 12, 2005
I think he can make a good role player later down the road when he figures out his niche in the NBA.
Joined Jan 13, 2005
his knee is not right yet. So an already slow player is slowed further by his knee. Supposedly they want him to rehab it during the summer.
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No racism here, but when's the last time a non-African American top 10 pick panned out e.g. at least an All Star?

'07 - Yi Jianlian at 6 and Spencer Hawes at 10, Yi's looking like a bust, decision is not out yet on Hawes
'06 - Bargnani (1st overall), Adam Morrison 3rd, decision not out yet on Bargnani, but 2nd overall was LaMarcus and we know who's won that one so far.Ammo's a bust so far
'05 - Bogut (1st overall), decent scoring, but def. not living up to 1st overall especially considering he was in the draft with CP3 and Deron.
'04 - Rafael Araujo (8th), Luke Jackson (10th), WHO?
'03 - Darko (2nd), Kaman (6th), Hinrich (7th), Darko sucks, Kaman's about the same level as Bogut, Hinrich looked like he was going to break through,but came back down
'02 - Yao (1st), Dunleavy (3rd), Nikoloz Tskitishvili (5th) - Yao's our winner, Dunleavy's ok, who's Tskilavilishil or whoever.


Joined Jan 19, 2007
I still think Adam Morrison has some value. MJ made a bad choice, drafting this dude at #3. He could've had Brandon Roy.
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