Why My Life is SOOOOOOOOO much better than YOURS!

Joined Apr 1, 2009

Cus I'm home on a Friday night eating Golden Crisp and drinking a very rare brand of Orange Juice (Tropicana).

The milk... imported from India. (lie)

I do it big. Step your game up.

Why the hell you home on a Friday night?
Joined Mar 19, 2006
I'm 19. Off of work. Watchin Laker's game. Personally I wanna be at someones house smokin and drinkin and cheeling. But there just isn't anythingto do. =/
Joined Jun 26, 2008
Its still early in The Bay. The sun is still up. About to go
Treee then maybe hookah.
Joined Apr 4, 2006
eh i should be studying for a test i have tuesday but these long readings do not interest me
Joined Apr 4, 2008
Because my friend needed a wingman but then moved the date to tomorrow night because he couldn't think of anywhere to take the chick and he didn't likemy suggestions.
Joined Jul 18, 2001
Chose to be at home cus lately ive been doing way to much. My homegirl has been texting and calling me but I havent been picking up. Dontfeel like talking and want to be alone. I get out of the shower and this %!#$@ is sitting on my couch talking to my Mom. She just showed up at my house. #@@! Ithink she could tell I was pissed but I chopped it up a little and she cut. Shes trying to kick it later and said shell hit me up but im going to turn my phoneand bedroom light off. Feel like a prisoner in my own home.
Joined Dec 25, 2007
ive been workin 830-5p since monday. im dumb stupid tired. then i got work tomorrow at 7
plus i dont have any money. but ill probably smoke some with myhomie tomrrow since he got a new job

come next week that check going to be looking
Joined Sep 6, 2002
I got an independent contract that I need to catch up on and I need to wake up at 6am tmrw! Im actually going to go out in a bit though so I look forward toexperiencing the best of both worlds lol
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