WINGSUIT Base Jumping vol. late?

Joined Jul 29, 2006

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- wont let me emb for some reason 
Joined Jun 24, 2007
the whole video i was wondering how they would land...the last two seconds made it worthwhile

also can you do this in america
Joined Apr 4, 2010
WOW if they bring this to North America I would pay good money to try this. Looks hella fun considering I've done bungee jumping and skydiving.
Joined Jul 23, 2008
i posted this awhile ago and got no love

but yeah looks dope. i'd imagine you need at least a good 100-200 skydives/base jumps under your belt to tackle this without killing yourself.
Joined Apr 2, 2004
this is my ultimate goal. I've only had a jump under my belt and I'm determined to get my SD license this summer.

WOW if they bring this to North America I would pay good money to try this

most of these guys do illegal jumps anyways. you can go ahead and do it.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
I remember seeing a special on some guy who wanted to come up with a way to actually land in one of those suits without the aid of a parachute.He and his buddy suit up and decide that they would attempt to clear the underside of a bridge at TERMINAL VELOCITY!He cleared the bridge,but his buddy smacked the bridge at full speed..................that %*+! sounded like someone hit a big $#* Gong (no lol)!
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