Woman finds something crazy in apartment

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Chances are this is complete BS but I’m at work and I was enthused and wanted to figure out what was up.
Joined Aug 6, 2012
Damn that other apt looked pretty big
I wonder if the person on the other side of the apartment is aware of that as well . Shawty could be intruding on sumn and get herself in trouble.


Formerly 'Fozzy Badfeet'
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I wanted to know where that stairway led to. Did she get back to her apt through that way or crawling back in the hole?
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That really is true about a certain ethnicity with how her first instinct was to investigate it herself:lol:
Ya, they run TO danger the rest of us run FROM danger.

Oh look, some ****ed up potentially dangerous **** is going on over there! Lets run towards it!
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Still doesn't make sense how Vine died but Tiktok is live, I don't understand ya'll.
"Ehh, short form video clips are tired, we're done here vine"

"shaking my *** for Palestinian apartheid on Tiktok, short form video clips are the best"

Tiktok has a lot more features than vine.

But I gotta respect the og.

Vine walked, so Tiktok could run
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I think Tik Tok has a lot more editing features. Vine was just a basic loop.
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