Worst Flow Ever = Papoose?

Joined Jun 29, 2002
Calling Silk The Shocker's career a dissapointment should be considered a compliment. I'll say though I F with Charge It To the Game tho. I gotta gowith Silk though. He just can't flow. I don't get why its so difficult but it is for him. Papoose is a close second. Baby is a close third.
Joined Sep 25, 2004
Nah i feel what Pap raps..its real rap..its Just his FLOW & Voice..might be one of the worst ive ever heard
Joined May 3, 2003
i'm a fan of lyrics > flow. with that said, i have no problem with his flow.

him, roscoe p coldchain, and cham are some of my favorite rappers.

b smooth 202

Joined Dec 21, 2004
dont really F with pap but I think people over exaggerate when it comes to his flow

Because we are living in the "eff the east coast" era. That's why.
what are you talkin about ?
Joined May 12, 2002
Originally Posted by Kingtre

"> thoought i was the only one...this dude be speeding up, slowing down all types of @#%$ to make his lines fit...sounds horrible 99% of the time...

Joined Nov 30, 2002
Pap is just a dry$!!%% artist in general. I mean, I actually thought he was worthed something after I heard "Shoot Em Up" but everything after thathas been a total let down.
Joined Apr 7, 2001
Silkk's career dissapointing?damn dude had like 4 platinum albums,a gold album and 3 platinum group albums(tru and 504 boys)

And alphabet slaughter beats all that?smh..

I'd take silkk's career over pap's anyday...and both of them N's suck tho(even tho silkk is fam and is a good dude)

Silkk takes worst flow,but pap is def up there
Joined Feb 9, 2003
He's not the worst ever but he's definitely up there. His flow makes me not want to listen at all.
Joined Jul 25, 2007
papoose is nice to me
but the dude with the worst flow
hands down, no comparison is

omilio sparks, i understand how he got signed
Joined Jun 8, 2006
He is awful.

Type of rapper that those who somehow like him...will just say "oh, you just don't get what he's saying"..."are you listening tothis?!?"

No, I do and I am

And it sucks
Joined Apr 15, 2004
Hands down Papoose has got to be one of the worst artists to come in the game in a long time because of all of the hype associated with him. Like dude isstraight up terrible I can't see how anyone thinks his flow is even remotely decent. His voice is terrible, like one dude said his tempo is always goingall over the place, and lyrically he's trying too hard. I can't believe his#%%% is even considered music, he sounds like a creakhead mumbling completejibberish to himself. Straight awful.
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