Would a brand new pair of Black/Red VII's still be wearable?

Jun 10, 2005
Or is a used pair required to avoid cracking? I'm trying to look for a pair online.

Sorry I meant the retro pair of Black/Red VIIs.
People around here say that if you are going to go hunting for some DS OG's to wear, start with anything over the XII's. Otherwise, don't waste your money. That's just from what I've read though.
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If for a walk, thats fine.
But if for balling, wear it and walk around your house for a few hours first. then wear it for balling.
I'm talking about retros. OGs are out of question.
mid or late 2003 and later are the shoes that you can wear for balling from being DS.
Basically, no older than 4 years old. I'm not pretty sure about 5 years, thats why I tell you to walk around in the house first.

Pardon if I'm wrong, is this suppose to be in the sneaker review? :smile:
For Display Yes
For Walking...Maybe the retros
For Balling...Why? Get some newer technology basketball shoes
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People around here say that if you are going to go hunting for some DS OG's to wear, start with anything over the XII's.
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i think you would be fine with the retros, if ur gonna wear them anyways try to get a vnds pair

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Well for info OGs are not always out the question......I have 2 pairs og OG VIIs and they are both very wearable....The Cardinals were VVNDS when purchased and have been worn a few times.....The OLYs were bought DS and were worn 1 time......The only problem I had was that the gle holding the sole on was cracking......A lil shoe glue and we were back to 92' status................................To sum it up it all depends on how the shoes were stored.....The Phylon (visible midsole) is a sturdy material still used in numerous shoes today and as long as the conditions are right (not to moist or dry) they will last, as far as the Polyurathane (under the phylon) this material was used as a "present" material meaning in using it NIKE wasn't looking towards the future, only the "present".......Present looked good......Not the future tho.......SO....unless you know the conditions the shoes were stored in then DO NOT purchase.....But i say look for retros rather than OGs just to be safe.........PEACE
i cant even look at the retro 7's anymore they. the shape is such a turn off now it just sucks.
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OG XIs are wearable, and Ive never seen cracking 10s.

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