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Had a great time at Money in the Bank last night.  Haven't had a chance to go back and rewatch the show, but hopefully it came across well on TV because it was a hot crowd all night for a fun show.
  • While standing in line for food before the show started, Rollins and Reigns walked right past us in the concourse preparing for their match to come through the crowd.  Really cool way to kick off the live show.
  • The Shield d The Usos in the preshow match to retain the Tag Team Titles.  The crowd began the match with RVD chants but quickly got into the match with This Is Awesome chants for a match that was really, really good.  At points the crowd legitimately thought The Usos would win.
  • Damien Sandow won the World Title Money in the Bank Match.  Awesome PPV opener.  I personally liked this MITB match better than the WWE Title version.  Some cool innovative spots and all of the guys in the match worked really hard.  Cody Rhodes looks to have become a star in this match, but we've seen this before with Cody and he has never run with the opportunity.  Will be interested to see if Sandow is booked like a geek with the MITB like we've seen with Ziggler, Bryan, and miz, or if he will now get a legitimate push.
  • Awful Brad Mad Ox segment.  No idea why this needed to be on the PPV.  I hate this guy.
  • CURTIS AXEL d miz to retain the Intercontinental Title.  It was amazing how miz could kill a hot crowd.  Crowd was mostly into Heyman, and once he got ejected, the crowd really didn't care.
  • aj lee d kaitlyn to retain the Divas Title.  This was a beer/bathroom break for me.  Got to meet up with fellow NT'er Dave.
  • Ryback d Chris Jericho with A ROLLOUT.  Match wasn't very good.  This was Ryback's first PPV win since he defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks last summer.  Ryback doesn't have it anymore.  Don't know where they go with him from here.
  • Alberto Del Rio d Dolph Ziggler via DQ when aj lee hit Del Rio with her Divas Title.  These two were having a very good match when aj's awful music went off and she can skipping down to the ring.  I was very upset I forgot my batteries to throw at her.  When Ziggler was in a bit of trouble, aj got in the ring and hit Del Rio with her belt to get Ziggler DQ'd.  Lame finish, but saw this one coming as we're expected to get Ziggler vs Big E at Summerslam.
  • John Cena d Mark Henry to retain the WWE Title.  Crowd was really into Henry.  Much better match than you could have expected.  Cena won clean by getting Henry to tap out to the STF.  A shame that Henry will probably never get a WWE Title run, but he was great in this short program.
  • Randy Orton won the WWE Title Money in the Bank Match.  Crowd was crazy hot for RVD all night long and he delivered in this match.  He was in better shape than his entire TNA run, and WWE gave him a great showcase in this match.  Punk and Bryan were also way over.  Orton got a mixed reaction, Sheamus was booed, and no one cared about Christian.  The big moment of the match was when CURTIS AXEL came out and attacked Daniel Bryan (huh?).  Punk and CURTIS AXEL then got into it, and Punk hit CURTIS AXEL with the GTS.  Heyman was distraught by this.  Punk had the match won and was about to climb the ladder when Heyman got in the ring and hit Punk with the ladder.  Punk fell and stared at him in disbelief like his best friend just stabbed him in the back.  Heyman slammed the ladder into Punk two more times, smashing him in the head busting him open the hardway with a massive cut that required 13 staples to close.  RVD also needed 14 staples to close a cut which I missed.  Randy Orton was able to get into the ring and climb the ladder to grab the briefcase and win the match.
Coming out of last night's show, the plan for Summerslam is still to do John Cena vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title.  This will supposedly be based off a feud that was filmed on TOTAL DIVAS.  Yes, one of the three biggest shows of the year is main evented by a match based on an angle from E TV.

Brock Lesnar will be on tonight's Raw.

We'll see what happens next with The Wyatt Family.  I was a bit disappointed that they weren't on last night's show.

We'll also see what is next for The Shield.  They were originally scheduled to face Kane and The Undertaker at Summerslam.  That now looks to be going to The Wyatt Family... at least with Kane.  There are rumors of heat directly from Vince McMahon on Reigns and Rollins.

More Brad Mad Ox and McMahon family nonsense.
NT WWE Money in the Bank  PPV Prediction Contest Results
  • 82 entries
  • 600 possible total points
  • 288 average score
  • 18% correctly predicted ZERO title changes.
  • 40% correctly predicted the World Title MITB Match as the opener
  • The results of the Del Rio v Ziggler match were split almost dead down the middle.  46% for ADR.  48% for Ziggler.  6% for NC/Other.
  • 88% correctly predicted John Cena, 68% correctly predicted he would kick out of the WSS 1 time, and 49% correctly predicted he would fail once at the AA.
  • 16% correctly predicted Damien Sandow winning the World Title Money in the Bank Match.  The favorite was Antonio Cesaro with 28%.
  • 26% correctly predicted Randy Orton winning the WWE Title Money in the Bank Match.  The favorite was Daniel Bryan with an overwhelming 54%.
Congratulations to the winner of the NT WWE Money in the Bank PPV Prediction Contest..... ME!!! 4WRESTLING!!!   YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!   I finally schooled you fools with an impressive 470 points!

toine remains in the overall lead with a strong 390 point performance in MITB.  Overall results are available through the link in my sig.

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Happy you had a good time... Thought it was a great PPV, in that you really didn't know what was gonna happen in damn near every match...


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Passed on Rae tonight. Nosebleeds in Barclays are not worth it especially for three hours. Humid as hell out here too.
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Didn't know it was known that Brock would be returning. Came in here to post (in a spoiler) that a friend who works at the Barclay's said Brock is in the building.


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More on the Dbry/Cena feud:

- The feud between Cena and Bryan likely won’t begin until the first or second week after Total Divas debuts on TV. There is a plan in place to do an angle on RAW where Cena asks the fans who they want to get the WWE Title shot at SummerSlam, with the idea that Bryan will be picked.

- Deadspin has an article up today about a Reddit user who has correctly predicted the results of WWE Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania 29, Extreme Rules, Payback and Money in the Bank.

There has been talk on wrestling message boards about the user for a few months now with fans speculating that he works for WWE. The user, Dolphins1925, claims that he doesn’t work for WWE but gets inside information from someone in the know. Apparently they’re looking to expose leaks within WWE management and embarrass them.

The other talk online is that some fans have taken advantage of the spoilers and started to bet on the match outcomes, as more online betting sites are allowing bets on WWE. Before last night’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, odds for Damien Sandow winning the ladder match on one betting site went up out of nowhere.
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I'm excited for tonight's show, I hope BK is just as live as we were in Philly last night. I'm going through my pics now. I took 450 pics last night :wow:
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Really open the show with this guy? Brad Maddox is already a major fail to me. He changes his voice way too often on the mic.
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My dude Maddox starting off the night. Smh, Ziggler def losing tonight though. This is gonna finalize the clean break with AJ and Big E
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Ziggler gonna get another Raw title change. Or are the gonna draw out this whole AJ costing him matches for a few more weeks?


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If the WWE doesn't capitalize on Daniel Bryan's popularity right now they are incredibly stupid.

I expect them to prove their stupidity.


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A resounding pop for boring *** Randy Orton.

Cena talking about wrestling the Bella Twins. ISWHDT.
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