Wrestling Thread May 25-31 | Major WWE Name Has Been Released ... Released

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Was out all day. Show is about to start, so let's get going.

Everyone knows the story by now of Raw being scheduled for the Pepsi Center in Denver and getting bumped by Lakers/Nuggets Game 4. So Raw tonight has beenmoved to The Staples Center in LA. Two matches have been announced:

*John Cena, Batista, MVP, Jerry Lawler, and a Mystery Partner (please don't be Flair) vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr., The Miz, and The BigShow
---The faces will be wearing Lakers jerseys, and the heels will be wearing Nuggets jerseys.
*Vince McMahon vs. someone impersonating Stan Kroenke
*Ric Flair calling out Randy Orton

Here's the problem with what tonight's show is based upon. Fans outside of LA and Denver have no real interest in this silly fued Vince has with theNuggets. His match tonight will be ridiculous and insulting to the fans. And any real Laker fan is probably not at Raw, but at home watching the game. Sowhen they try to play to the Lakers, these people probably won't even care.

Anyway, here we go.
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Did anybody see the TNA Sacrifice PPV yesterday? I completely forgot it was on yesterday
. It seems like the Four Way once again had really terriblestipulation workings done
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Originally Posted by iLLoQuent aka DSK

Two minutes before the start of the show...you're slackin' 4w.

And I just finished posting on the old thread too.
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I want to walk like Vince and drinking Dos Equis into a club one night. Swag on a hundred thousand trillion.

Nike Jordan

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There are no real Lakers fans 4W, they're all a bunch of fair-weathered bandwagoners.

If anyone cares, Kennedy is backstage. He could be the fifth man in the 10-man tag match tonight.
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This crap is still going on? Does Vince realize how many people are probably turning off Raw right now? No one cares about you trying to boost your own ego.
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